The Baby Shower

On May 6th, my Mom and cousin Caitlin threw me a lovely baby shower at my parent’s house! A ton of my friends, family, and family friends came to celebrate Baby Lafe.

Christy came early to take a few pictures of me looking all pregnant.  I had taken bi-weekly pictures at home, but nothing especially nice. So happy that we have these!

Snacks and a delicious lunch were served (with wine, champagne, and mimosas for guests, and soda and orange juice for me!), followed by gifts for Baby Lafe.

And then Cake!


We actually made two trips to get the presents from my parents’ house to ours. This was when we were about halfway done unloading the gifts into Baby Lafe’s room!

If there was any doubt about the volume of cute outfits for Baby Lafe, this is what baby’s closet looked like BEFORE the shower….

And this is what it looked like after!!

The Man and I were so grateful to all who came and celebrated with us!!

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