July 19th

I had my third to last “regular” OB visit this morning.  Most doctors will not let a pregnant woman go more than two weeks past her due date, since the incidence of stillbirth rises quite a bit after 42 weeks.  That being said, my doctors are very eager to let woman go into labor on their own, and will wait until about 10 days after a woman’s due date to demand an induction. Unless medically necessary, they won’t schedule an induction to take place until a week after the due date.

Our hope is for a baby that arrives just on time.  But in the event I do go (exceptionally) late, I was told that July 19th is the last day the doctor would let me stay pregnant (July 22 starts my 42nd week).   It’s funny to know that  we will have this kiddo in less than 4 weeks.

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