Big Siblings

We’re often asked how Luke and Lacey are doing with Vivian. It’s fair to say that, as it has been an adjustment for us, it has been for them. But an adjustment in the brightest possible way.

While at the hospital, the dogs spent a vacation at my parents’ house playing with Lily. We sent my dad home with a hat that Vivan wore in the hospital. Luke and Lacey both sniffed it, while Lily tried to eat it! When we were discharged Tuesday morning, The Man and I came home with Vivian and got our bearings (i.e. set up the pack ‘n play IMMEDIATELY!). Vivian and I snuggled on the sofa while The Man went to my parents to pick up the big kids. He kept a blanket of Vivian’s in the car for them to sniff on the way home.

Once The Man arrived, he came in, and had me hide out in the bathroom while he got the dogs. I was laughing so hard, because I could hear Lacey stop outside the bathroom when she heard a small little squeak from inside (hint: it wasn’t me). Then Luke came in, and The Man let them both outside. And time for the switch. The Man took Viv in the bathroom, and I greeted the dogs. The a little more squeaking prompted both of them to stand still and silent outside the bathroom. I can only imagine what was going through their heads!

The Man came out of the bathroom after a minute or so, and we were both amazed at how Luke and Lacey reacted. Neither jumped, although Luke was tall enough to sniff her toes. Then The Man handed Viv to me while I was sitting on the sofa. They were curious, but respectful, and Lacey tried only a few times to steal kisses!

The next day or so every squawk or cry prompted the pups (Lacey especially) to jump up to solve the problem. Nighttime was a challenge, because they hadn’t learned to sleep through the crying.

The Perimeter is Secure

Fast forward a month. Unless there is a significant crying fit, the dogs are sleeping through any ruckus at night. They seem more comfortable around her, letting us prop her up against them, for example. And when we come home from running errands, they run to her car seat and sniff, as if to verify that we brought home the right baby! and Lacey has taken to coming in the bathroom to supervise Vivian’s bath time.

On the other hand, I can’t help but feel bad for them. We give them plenty of cuddles, but even those are interrupted when Vivian cries. During the day when The Man is at work, I try to keep us all on the sofa together. But their physical activity is suffering. When we were in the hospital, Lacey hurt her leg. So we had to give her a little while to heal. Just as she was acting better and not limping, she injured herself on an attempted walk! I can’t help but worry that she now associates “baby” with “no more fun!” On the bright side, she seems to be doing well after spending a weekend of fun with Uncle Keith, Aunt Linda, Jayna and Amanda!

I hope as Viv grows and can be more interactive and as our walks and play time resume, they will be even more fun to be had with our family of five!

Another Forrest gets Hitched

This past Saturday my lovely (little?) cousin Rachel said I do to her longtime love, Joe.  Give that I still think she is 7, this was quite a shock.  For an added touch of glamor, a tornado that touched down in Elmira just 48 hours before the wedding!

Vivian’s First 2 weeks

Wow.  Two weeks ago I was cleaning bathrooms, making dinner, and doing baby laundry, having no idea how much everything would change in a few short hours.  Vivian’s Birthday Story to come, but for now, a selection of pictures from her first two weeks.