The Birth of Vivian: Outtakes

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Some additional observations from the whole experience:
The three answers to the three most asked questions: Vaginal Delivery, No Epidural, Pooped on the Table.
If you plan to have a super quick labor, don’t bother asking for the labor room with the tub. You won’t use it.
Two people specifically asked me not to have the baby that weekend; Michelle and Lauren were going to be in Rochester and Caitlin was in Chicago. I told them both that I would absolutely not keep the baby in if baby wanted to arrive!
I was only told later that I was moved to my back to push, hooked up to the IV and given oxygen because her heart rate was dropping with each contraction. Bob said that during that last contraction where I pushed 6 times, her heart rate was down to 70 (normal is 140), and a nurse was standing in the corner with her hand on the phone. That explains the VERY enthusiastic yelling by all of the hospital staff to PUSH! Turns out the cord was wrapped around her neck. Which is why the room was silent when she came out. She was a purple and blue baby with a tight white cord strangling her, and she didn’t cry.
The name Vivian was thrown around months ago, but wasn’t on our top list in the weeks coming up to her birth. Only about a week before did Bob put the name Vivian back on the table. We had another girl name in mind, and three boy names. And as I said before, no real middle names. Once we had the opportunity to cuddle her a little, Bob suggested that we actually name her, so we could bring our family in to meet her. I said “well obviously her name is Vivian.” Bob said that her middle name needed to flow with Vivian, and threw out Vivian Eleanor. It was perfect, just like her.
Bob texted our families around noon to let them know this thing was happening. My parents were told when I was admitted so they could take care of the dogs. By the time Vivian was born at 2:38, a lot of Viv’s family was in the waiting room: Gma and Grandpop Forrest, Grandma Laferriere, Uncle Keith, Aunt Linda and cousins Jayna and Amanda, and Uncle Todd. (as I said before, Aunt Michelle and cousin Lauren were on their way home from Rochester). Right as Bob was going to go out to the waiting room to retrieve the family for introductions, the door to the delivery room slowly opening. and there appeared. my dad! no no no! He drove separately from my mom, and didn’t know where the waiting room was. Because he used to work at St. Peters, he knew the nurse at the front desk of labor and delivery, who just sent him right on in! oy! Bob politely told him to go to the waiting room. I not so politely yelled at him to leave! Keep in mind that at that time, no one definitely knew she was born, that she was a SHE, or her name, so his appearance was quite a surprise.

Me/Bob: Go to the waiting room!
Dad: where is it?
Dad: Bob, are you going? I’ll just wait for you….
Bob: Just go out to the waiting room. I’ll be right out.
At some point during the late pushing process, the phone in the delivery room rang.  A nurse answered and asked the person on the other end “Does Alaina want her mother in the room with her…???” Before she could even relay the question to us, a NOOOOOOOOOOO echoed around the room. To her credit, my mom didn’t know I was pushing or that I didn’t have an epidural, and thought I might just want a visitor during labor.
Bob went to the waiting room to get everyone. The whole gang was waiting on the far side of the room. As soon as they saw Bob, my mom jumped up and sprinted across the waiting room, patted Bob on the back, said Congratulations and off she went! Bob then talked to everyone else, and they headed down the hall to our room. When they came to labor and delivery, a nurse was cursing under her breath about the woman who just came in and broke the door. Apparently my mom plowed through the doors instead of pushing the automatic button! oops!
Viv was born on my grandparent’s 61st wedding anniversary. When I called them, Mema (“GG”) answered the phone and I wished her a very happy anniversary. You could hear the disappointment in her voice… that is, until I told her that I had a very special anniversary present for her! She then yelled to Pop Pop (“GP”) to PICK UP THE PHONE!!

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