Car rides

Viv is pretty good in the car, as are a lot of babies. I think the movement, vibration, and white noise lulls her to sleep.

This has gone to our benefit during the 2 road trips we’ve taken since she was born- the first to Elmira for my cousin’s wedding, the second to Keuka Lake (with an overnight in Elmira visiting Mema and Pop pop).

The only hiccups have been the seating situation and stopping to change and feed her. We have found that the wegmans in Binghamton is the perfect stop on the way to Elmira.
Initially last night’s stop was uneventful- a quick change in the backseat with Bob handing me some supplies. Then Bob went into the store to get us a snack. I fed Viv, and went to change her again. DANGER! DANGER! The new diaper under her butt did not prevent the pee ad projectile poop from running down the backseat! Ahhh!

There I am half standing in the back seat, trapped, with poop EVERYWHERE! Thankfully Bob came back right then and grabbed her, so we could put a new diaper on an cleanup. Thankfully Bob’s car is leather!!

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