Fruit Harvesting

I had always thought that apple picking is an unusual activity. It’s the same idea as salad bars and buffets. You are paying to do extra work. After years of apple picking in upstate New York, I had come to the conclusion that I would rather go to the local orchard and buy a bag of apples freshly picked by someone else.

But something switched this year. I started to remember how much FUN I had as a kid trekking out to Indian Ladder Farms, reaching high into the trees, trying to find the perfect apple,  and making sure not to bruise them as they were dropped into the bag. And there is nothing like topping off an apple picking trip with a hot apple cider donut and a cup of hot apple cider!

So off we went to apple pick with Vivian. Obviously she wasn’t an active participant, but seeing the little kids get SO EXCITED about apple picking got me amped up for the next few years when she can appreciate it.

On Labor day, we went to Bowman’s Orchards in Rexford.   We had not been there before- but because of the warm March and late April frost, a lot of the local orchards had less crop, and therefore less pick-your-own days. Bowman’s didn’t seem to be affected as much and had plenty.

We stuck to picking Mcintosh apples, because yum. It was a hot day, so we snapped a few pictures, picked a bag of apples, and got out of there.  But not without miss Vivian having a diaper blowout and me changing her diaper in the middle of the orchard! Fun times were had by all!

Me and Viv posed for a picture.  When we took her out of the Ergo, we discovered the blowout! Bob had to transport her across enemy lines into a “no pick zone” to change her diaper!

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