Happy Halloween!

As an adult, I haven’t been a huge fan of Halloween.  I always like to dress up, but am not very creative, and generally cannot think of anything awesome enough to warrant the work that goes into it!  So this year, my energy went into creating fun for Vivian.

So in the spirit of Halloween, I thought I would share Halloween costumes past, sprinkled in with some of my favorite Halloween memories and pictures.*

The best costumes I wore, but don’t remember wearing, was being a Care Bear and Rainbow Brite back when we lived in Albany.  I inherited my poor sewing skills from my mom, and she can therefore not be credited for making these awesome costumes.  I’m pretty sure she borrowed them from our neighbors at the time.

I remember what I was for Halloween every year in Elementary School (except 4th grade). In Kindergarten I was a princess, which transitioned easily to a Bride in First Grade.

Second Grade I was a Clown. Not sure how Happy I am to be one!

Third Grade: Punk Rocker.  Think about how awesome that is? My mom dressed up as a Punk Rocker too.  I distinctly remember that there was a fourth-grader in the classroom next to ours who dressed up as a bunch of purple grapes! She had purple balloons all over her body. It was so cool.

Fourth Grade: MYSTERY!! I can’t even begin to remember what I dressed up as! Man, this is really bothering me.

Fifth Grade: Evil Organ Player (it was like a vampire type costume we got at the store, but I didn’t actually want to be a vampire- I thought “evil organ player” sounded cooler. Man, I was a dork)

Sixth Grade: Gypsy. Ohio State and their stereotype campaign would have been so disappointed in me.

Eighth Grade: Mickey Mouse (I was in middle school then.  This was really just a way for my friends and I to have fun.  We were way too old for trick or treating. ).

Then at some point in High school, it began to be cool to dress up again.

Tenth Grade (1997): This appeared to be the time that it started to be cool again to dress up.  We had a German Exchange Student, Sandra, staying with us, and so we dressed up as fairies. We had wands and put fun make up on.

Eleventh Grade (1998): Yeah, pretty sure I recycled the Fairy/Angel.  My friend Erin and I put glitter on our faces, angel wings on our backs, a few boas, and walked around her neighborhood.

Freshman Year (2000): MAN, I don’t remember what I was, but I’m sure I probably re-used the angel wings. I do, however, remember dressing my boyfriend up as a Christmas present. We bought wrapping paper at the drugstore and I literally wrapped him from head to toe in paper.

Junior Year (2002): The year of the devil. Man, this Halloween deserves its own post!  My two roommates Bridget, Kristy, and I were dressing as devils.  Then somehow, I got duped into inviting this girl I knew from class into joining us.  Honestly, I don’t even remember her name, but that’s beside the point.  Our friend John lived with us at the time, and had his two friends over.  Our friend Sara was hosting a party at her apartment down the street, and was going to come to our house after work to get ready.  By that time, the ladies and I were sh*t canned. Totally gone.

And in walks Sara, completely in tears.  She had been mugged on the way from her car to our apartment. Wallet, purse, phone, all gone. That sobered us up really quickly.  John and his friends ran out of that apartment like bats out of hell looking for the guy.  The police were called, and took it very seriously. Thankfully she wasn’t physically hurt, but it caused quite a bit of trauma. It’s embarrassing to look back and admit that we all (including Sara) actually continued on to the Halloween party at her apartment (although, she didn’t have much of a choice, it being at her house and all…) (as an aside, the teenager who mugged her was caught after he kept making phone calls from her cell phone.  He also mugged another girl at knifepoint that same night.  He was found with a bunch of purses under his bed.  Stupid kid.)

Senior Year (2003): This year the party was at our apartment.  Sara had moved in after one of our roommates graduated.  I think the original plan was Sara and Bridget dressing up as Christina and Britney, but I think Sara ended up dressing as a fallen angel.  I dressed up as Marilyn Monroe.  This was the year my parents showed up (with my dad wearing his father’s air force uniform).  This was also the year Christy came dressed as a cloud and drank WAY too much! I know The Man was there (it was our first Halloween together), but it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t dress up!

2004: Dave and Franka had a Halloween Party at their house! And the Man and I went as Al and Peg Bundy.  I spent WAY too much money putting that costume together. The Man was a good sport wearing his No Ma’am T-shirt.  J dressed as Kid for her first Halloween!

First year of Law School (2006).  Yes, they have Halloween parties at law school.  I was invited to a Halloween Toga party the same night, and dressed in that. That was the only time I actually assembled a costume with a needle and thread.  I would love to show you The Man’s toga, but I distinctly remember him not wanting me to put it online.  but let me assure you, it was AWESOME.

Second Year of Law School (2007): No dressing up, but I did get some cuddles with Minnie Mouse, a pumpkin, and a bumble bee!

Third year of Law School (2008).  I figured I should make the most of my student life, and went to the party in a Halloween festive outfit.  The Man improvised and was some guy from Tap-out? I’m still not sure what he was doing haha.  That was also the year my (married) friends Molly and Sam dressed as Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus, and kept making out. It was also the year my friend Andria dressed as Mrs. President Palin (she’s a dead ringer) and won scariest costume.

I also had two little furbabies to dress up! Given their breeds, I knew I would only be able to fit them in costumes this one time.  They were not pleased (but looked oh-so-cute!)

Vivi’s first Halloween (2012):  And this year the costumes are all about Miss Viv! As I mentioned, she was a cupcake for my work Halloween party.  Last night she slept in her Halloween pjs:

Today Vivi wore her Halloween outfit (complete with butt ruffles and socks with pom-poms).

And then tonight, Viv went trick or treating as a LION to Grandma and Great-Grandma’s House, and to MeMe and Grandpop’s house! We even saw her friend Isabella/Pooh who was visiting from NYC because of Hurricane Sandy.

*I will do my best to find pictures to accompany these stories and supplement accordingly.


This is my last post in NaBloPoMo October 2012! I almost made it, missing one or two days on weekends. But not too shabby!  And just because I’m a glutton for punishment, join me next month for NaBloPoMo November 2012!!

Focusing on the good

I am not where I want to be.  I struggle some days, and have to take several moments to keep the anxiety from washing me away. I have trouble getting up in the morning, and am equally grateful and frustrated when Viv wakes up at 5:30, forcing me to face the day.

I can see the Man struggles with me. I have always been quick tempered, but now I can feel myself icing over. I don’t hear him when he talks. I am sarcastic, hurtful, ungrateful. But he loves me anyway.

Last night, Vivian was having trouble getting to sleep.  I nursed her, and got her settled.  When I came downstairs, and saw she was rustling again in her crib, I said to the Man “you’re up next. I don’t have any milk left. I don’t have anything left to offer her.”  And with the most serious expression, he said, “You have more to offer her than just milk.”

It took some time for that to sink in.  I have more to offer.  I can be a better wife, mother, and person. Instead of thinking about the bad days, and the panic, and the hopelessness, I will remind myself of the captured moments of happiness and bliss.

I will come through.  One good day at a time.


(Just Write)

Sandy can’t you see, I’m in misery?!

It’s getting real up in hur, folks. And it’s only the beginning.

The Man is home today due to cancellations.  We lost power for a short time, but it’s back on now.  Last year, during Hurricane Irene, we never lost power, but the sump pump in our basement could not keep up with the overflowing ground water, and our basement flooded a few feet in some areas.  With the exception of killing our furnace (we got a new one courtesey of our insurance company*!), the only awesome thing we lost was our Christmas tree.  We bought another one last year, and guys, I am NOT buying a new christmas tree again!  (that would be our fourth- the first was stolen from our storage unit in our former apartment, but that’s a story for another day).

 “They” (weather people, colleagues, The Man) are saying this is less of a rain issue and more of a wind issue.  Let’s hope “they” are right, cause Sandy is looking a lot more menacing than Irene.


 Over and out folks.

 *Of course, the new furnace wasn’t covered by the lovely (expensive) flood insurance our government/mortgagor requries us to keep b/c we live in an antiquated flood zone. No, that only covers water that comes through the windows!

(pictures from: http://gothamist.com/2012/10/29/compare_satellite_images_of_sandy_a.php)

A to B to C to Z

My mind goes all over the place sometimes. Sometimes I think it’s fun to retrace my thoughts to figure out how I got to a certain topic.  It is truly amazing how little pieces of information lie dormant in your brain until some random event or though pulls them to the surface.

It kind of reminds me of that movie/book Dreamcatcher (never read the book, but the movie came out a decade or so ago, and Jason Lee was one of the main characters (see! I told you I still loved you Jason Lee!)).  One of the characters  Jonesy, has information hidden in his head that the villan in the story is trying to get to.  All of his memories are stored in boxes and files, and some are locked in a vault.

Ok, see what I mean? I had something all planned out to talk (write?) about, and there I go on a tangent about some scary movie about aliens!

I thought about the movie Hook a few days ago, out of nowhere, and the thought disappeared again. Then this morning, I was flipping channels and saw it was on ABC Family! yippee hooray! I only watched a little bit before taking a nap (see why here), but it got my mind racing about peter pan.  So there I was, wikipedia-en Hooked, and Peter Pan, and all that stuff.  Then I came across an article (somewhere), with an illustration of Wendy outside a little house


and I thought, wait a minute. I’ve seen that before.  (I’ve never read the book Peter Pan, so I knew I hadn’t seen the illustration from that).  I wracked my brain trying to remember seeing it in the animated Peter Pan from Disney, but for some reason, remember real people in the picture in my mind.)

and OMG guys! Do you remember the live action Mary Martin version of Peter Pan that was on TV all of the time in the late 80s/early 90s? I think my parents must have taped it because my brother and I watched it ALL OF THE TIME when we were little.

And guess what?  The build a little house around Wendy!

And then came the “research” about Mary Martin and her life. all about the live-action Peter Pan– this version was taped in 1960, and periodically re-aired.

Desperate to watch it, I found the full-length movie on YouTube, and pulled it up.

With a baby, however, I am delegated to watching a few minutes at a time, but oh the memories! I’m so excited to share (force her to watch) these videos with Viv and her hypothetical siblings in the years to come :)

(end my mind dumb for this Saturday evening. it’s been a rough week, guys)


A sweet cupcake for the whole family

Every year there is a big Halloween party where I work. Kids and grand kids, nieces, nephews, and friends come trick or treating from office to office. The whole place is decorated to the nines, with hanging skeletons, inflatable witches and spiders, and spooky music.

This year was my fourth Halloween party, and it is amazing to see how grown up some of the kids are! Many of them I only see once a year, and some seem like grown ups compared to the toddlers they were just a few years ago!

This year was obviously the first where I brought a little guest. No candy for Vivian – she was sweet enough dressed as a cupcake!


I was impressed at how well she behaved going around the office and being passed around to all of my colleagues who hear so much about her.

After trick or treating, there is a big party in the largest conference room with more food than you could imagine. Most Halloween themed of course.

I’m so psyched to see what Viv does next year when she can toddle around.


Calling it in

Guys, seriously? I’m beat. I know I’m slacking on posting lately (rub it in Pitsa! jk love ya haha). But this week has been rough. We ran around all weekend, the Man was sick (and rightfully keeping his distance from Viv), and I’ve been ridiculously busy at work (for the first time since I’ve been back). Basically all I want to come home and sleep. Which, as you may think, is probably why I have this problem.

I promise the next few days will be better. After all, my work Halloween party is tomorrow and Vivian looks delicious in her costume!!