Vivian has completed the first quarter of fiscal year 2012-2013! Now I know what other parents meant when they cautioned me that she would grow up before I knew it.

She is “talking” more than ever, loves to blow bubbles, and drools like crazy. She is able to get her hands to her mouth, and does she ever. Sometimes she sticks her whole hand in there and chews away! Her experimentation makes us laugh – especially when she sticks her fingers in too far and gags a little bit. She’ll learn!

Her love of music is constant. She prefers fast, upbeat songs, but will listen intently to instrumental piano if it has a good melody. This has encouraged her to start holding onto her toys. She has a fairy wand rattle that rings sweetly when you flick it. Vivian now can grasp it, and waves it around, watching and listening to the sounds.

You are guaranteed to get a smile out of her if you rub her cheeks. She will relax and fall asleep if you rub her head. Anyone who knew me as a child knows how much I love to rub babies’ heads!

Although I have the bedtime routine down, sometimes there is nothing like Dad’s touch to get her to calm down. She easily falls asleep on his shoulder or cradled in his arms. Now we just have to figure out how to keep her asleep when we move her to her crib!

More often than not, she is sleeping through the night. She goes to bed between 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm, and sleeps until about 6:30 am. Occasionally she will wake up either at 1:30 am or at 4:30 am, but she always goes right back to sleep after having a snack.

Vivian is enthralled with technology. Bob reads the news on his phone in bed in the morning, and now is including Vivian. He reads her the articles, explains what is going on in the world, and shows her how to use his iPhone. Vivian also sits on my lap when I am on the computer, and watches the screen intently. We have to make sure she isn’t getting to much stimulation from these sources, so some evenings are spent playing with her toys and reading books in her bedroom.

Month Four will be the most different for all of us, with me back to work, and Bob’s classes amping up. We all cannot wait to see what October brings!


Current favorite things: Boob, Bottle, her fairy wand, being outside (especially looking at the sky), laughing at mommy making up songs, having Grandma, MeMe and Granpop watch her.

Least favorite things: afternoon naps, sitting still for too long, being overtired

Weight*: 15 lbs 12.8oz
Length: 24in
Head Circumference: 15in

*No well-baby visit this month, so we had to do measurements at home.

(p.s. I need to get new blocks. These were purchased in a rush at Walmart the night before her one month birthday, and I cannot stand them! Each block has two letters on it, so naturally the “R” and “E” are on the same block. Hence the second outline “E” in THREE”)

9 thoughts on “Three

  1. Adorable! My best friend just had twins, I meant to get her those monthly onesies but I just never got around to it. Can’t wait until they start growing up and changing.

    • My cousin gave them to us at my baby shower – they’re so great, especially because she almost always has a white onesie on under her outfit! quick and painless :)

  2. Awww bless her! She is absolutely beautiful…that second picture in the post looks to be mid-giggle which instantly made me smile! Baby giggles are precious.

    • I’m trying to! It’s hard coming home from work and only seeing her for a few hours before she goes to bed, but that just makes the weekends even better!

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