(I wrote this back in July, but never got around to re-sizing the pictures so they wouldn’t exceed the upload limit. Therefore, this so does not count as my NaBloPoMo post for the day!)

As some of you know, I was debating having newborn pictures taken of “baby lafe.”  Since I knew I would be taking regular pictures daily, I really wanted to hire a photographer who not only specialized in family/infant photography, but also would have cute props that I wouldn’t have.

After soliciting some recommendations on facebook and a local blog, I narrowed down to my favorite: Sophia Sabella Photography in Schenectady. I contacted Kristen Bordonaro, who runs the show there, for pricing and availability.  Days later, we had dinner with our friends Rich and Melissa and their son Brayden. If there was any question that Melissa and I are on the same wavelength- well it was confirmed! They gave us a gift certificate towards a photo shoot with Sophia Sabella! And this not even knowing that I had picked her out as my favorite!

I made arrangements with Kristen the next week and set up a tentative shoot for July 16th (8 days after her due date).  When Viv arrived a week early, I almost immediately emailed Kristen, and rescheduled for Friday July 6th.  The pictures came out better than I could have possibly imagined! I’m so happy we made the decision to have the pictures taken, especially since she has changed so much!  Thanks Kristen!

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