My faces

I have an expressive face.  Though no one has ever come out and told me so, I’ve seen plenty of candid pictures of me, contorting my face in the most unusual expressions.

Exhibit A:

Other times the expressions are intentional.

Exhibit B:

(that photo garnered a lot of attention- it was dubbed a “classic Lain face”)

I purse my lips when I’m angry. The corners of my lips turn up when I’m thinking of something funny. I furrow my eyebrows when I’m overly suspicious about something. My eyes darken when I’m sad.

This way of expressing these emotions is part of who I am. Part of what makes me an animated, lively person.

Lately, my face has not been so expressive. Instead it is flat, motionless. I keep trying to push that smile out, tell that funny story, even summon a suspicious twitch.  Those attempts last only the amount of time socially required.

I wonder if it’s noticed. I feel varying degrees of concern, fright, and apathy if it is. But you won’t see that on my face.


(This is Day 3 of NaBloPoMo October 2012!)

5 thoughts on “My faces

  1. I have had times where my face and emotions were flat. Those are not the times I look back on, I look back on the times where I was feeling and expressing. If this feeling lasts, do what you need to get that expression back. I loved your banner, and I agree with it. Live lafe love.

  2. The facial expressions I pull (read as: gurning!) are pretty much always unintentional…it seems to make people giggle alot that I can’t keep a straight face in certain situations.

    Sometimes we do feel emotionally flat, there are many reasons for it. Do whatever you need to, to be happy.

  3. I’m sure I can find a bunch more photo samples if you need any more :)
    I hate to hear that this has temporarily faded but I’m sure it will return soon.

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