The Twenties

Here is it folks. The last day of my twenties! (Technically I am actually finishing up my 30th year on the planet, but lets not get technical, ok? We don’t want this to turn into Phoebe Buffay’s crisis in “The One Where They All Turn 30”)

This decade I:

  • Met my husband.

  • Graduated from college.

  • Rented my first nice apartment.
  • Had my first full time job.
  • Gained some weight. Lost some weight.
  • Became an Aunt.

  • Got engaged and married.

  • Bought my first house.
  • Became a Mom to our furbabies Luke and Lacey.

  • Met lifelong friends.
  • Graduated from law school and became a real-live lawyer.

  • Traveled to France.

  • Had my vision prescription change a million times.
  • Attended THIRTY-THREE (33!!!) Weddings, not including our own.
  • Celebrated my Nanny’s 90th Birthday
  • Watched my grandparents celebrate 60 (and 61!) years of marriage

  • Lost my Nanny
  • Found out I would becoming a Mom

  • Became a Mom

  • Drank a lot of wine.
  • Laughed a lot of laughs.
  • Cried a lot of tears.
  • Had a lot of fun.

Here’s to an awesome fourth decade!!

5 thoughts on “The Twenties

    • Thanks! at first I just started listing things, but figured the pictures would be fun. So far in my thirties I have changed a few diapers, ate a McGriddle and hash brown (that Bob snuck out to get me before I woke up), and jetted off to work. so far, so good! haha

  1. Favorite post! Personally, I think that was a pretty fab decade! ESP the part about meeting life long friends!!!:-)
    Welcome to the 30s club mama!

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