Our first babies

Bob and I are dog lovers. We both grew up in homes with dogs and knew from early on that we would have a home with dogs. After being married for half a year, we began our search for the third member of our family.

We went to shelters and rescues (including Adirondack Save-a-Stray where we found our beloved Chloe!) and met with local breeders. We met big fluffy Newfoundlands and a family with a litter of bull-mastiffs. But nothing had clicked.

On my birthday weekend, we took a trip to Lake George to go outlet shopping. On the way up, Bob took a surprise detour. He had located a Great Dane puppy who was available and wanted to meet him. I was excited, but skeptical. I had never seen a Great Dane up close and really knew nothing about them. We arrived and were immediately smitten with those big puppy eyes and HUGE white paws. But something surprising then happened. With the Dane was a tiny female Rottweiler. She was a runt, and super feisty. She was playful, barking and protecting her water bowl. She cuddled up right next to the Dane. And wow was she beautiful. If I had never considered a Dane, I certainly had never considered a Rottweiler! I looked at Bob out of the corner of my eye and said… “well, we could get both….” I was serious, but said it in a way that could come across as joking, in case Bob called me crazy. But he didn’t. He said “yeah… you think?” My heart immediately started thumping.

We left a little while later, went outlet shopping, and talked. Did we like those dogs? Did we click? Could we afford double of everything – food, vet bills, supplies? Was our house and yard big enough? How would we walk them both? We researched both breeds. I had never owned a “pure-bred” dog before (Lexi was a Collie-Shepard mix that was a stray on my great-uncle’s farm, and Chloe was a Shepard-husky mix), and was reluctant. Bob had great experiences with pure-breds, including Patches and his Golden Retriever Sparky.

A few days later, we decided to at least follow up and see if anyone had adopted them. Bob had me call from school. I was on my way to class, and called. Sorry, they had both been adopted. I was devastated. Literally crying tears in the hallway. I called Bob back and could barely get the words out. He sounded so upset too—He kept asking, are you SURE? Are you sure? BOTH OF THEM? And asked me to call back. I called back and verified that YES, in the last 2 days both were adopted. By this point I was inconsolable.

When I called Bob back to share the bad news, he just laughed and said “We pick them up on Friday.”

Its Hard to believe that we first met Luke and Lacey 4 years ago today. It feels like just yesterday, and at the same time, like they have always been there. Love my wiggle nubbin peanut and waggle butt big boy.


4 thoughts on “Our first babies

  1. What a sweet story! I’ve always loved Great Danes! They’re beautiful dogs! My husband and I just got married after dating for nearly 5 years. We have an odd joint custody agreement with my mom regarding the family labradoodle, Lola. (Or the Lolabear, since you nickname your dogs, too.) But we’re looking for a permanent third member of the family. Thanks for inspiring me to renew the search! :-)

    • you sound about on the same track we were! we were dating just over 5 years when we got married, and found our pups later that year. Lolabear sure could use a playmate, I’m sure :)

    • Some people think we’re nuts, but they are such an important part of our lives. and they’re best friends, which makes it even more entertaining.

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