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I like to eat. I LOVE to eat. (uh, duh). So when The Man and I were discussing possible restaurants for the big birthday dinner, there was really only one answer.

Daisy Bakers began operating as a restaurant/bar back in the 70’s.  The Man’s friend Jared has worked there for as long as I can remember.  Last year, Jared and a partner purchased the restaurant.

There have been a few menu overhauls,  but the fall menu is by far my favorite.  It now notes gluten free options, which is a huge help for us. But more importantly, I have enough confidence in Jared (and by default his chef) that anything they put on the menu is going to be tasty delicious.

Six of us sat down for dinner (two more joined later for coffee and dessert).  We ordered 3 appetizers – calamari, mussels, and bacon wrapped shrimp.  There was not a bite left. I’m talking picking pieces of cheese off the plate where the shrimp once rested. Taking spoonfuls of whatever that sauce was that accompanied the calamari. Scooping mussels by the heap.

I ordered the duck, which the menu describes as: “confit leg of long island duck, on a sage scented belgian waffle, with granny smith apple/celery slaw, blueberry/pinot noir aigre-doux and duck fat syrup.”

O. EM. GEE. I can’t even. I wish I was a food writer so I could even describe the taste explosion. A waffle? with duck? and celery? Sounds random, but it was oh-so-delicious.

Couple that with the feel of a fancy restaurant without the stuffiness and missing the symphony orchestra crowd for the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall and you’ve got yourself a great evening.  Having my besties come to celebrate didn’t hurt either :)

So if you live nearby, check out Daisy Bakers. It will put a smile on your face.

(Just so happened that the morning after our dinner excursion, the local newspaper published a great review of Daisy Bakers. You can find it HERE.  Cheryl Clark is much more eloquent than I am!)

(also, Jared doesn’t know I’m writing this. Just really liked the fud.)

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    • you should think about going for a mother’s day brunch, and bring all of the grandmas and great grandmas! I may suggest doing that (or Easter) this year with our families.

    • I am not the best cook. I can follow a recipe, but I have a small kitchen and no dishwasher, and get so discouraged with the mess!

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