My Nanny

My Nanny, Doris Holleran, passed away one year ago tonight.  It was not unexpected, but devastating nonetheless.  There were a lot of tears shed throughout the following days, but even more stories and laughs.

So instead of dwelling on the sadness today brings, I choose to focus on the happiness her life brought to anyone she touched.  Her desperate love of “her Bill”, who she was reunited with almost 43 years after he passed and her fierce dedication to raising her six children. Her many friends from St. Joes, Lights, and the city bus and each and every new mom baby she cared for as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. Her insistence on spoiling her 13 grandchildren and taking evey opportunity to sing and dance.

I love you so much Nanny and miss you every day.



Nanny’s Obituary

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