New ones!

Sooo I’m about to give you a little taste of TMI.
Maybe I’ll elaborate on another post, but I’m 99% sure I got pregnant on 10/17/11. Later that night, I got the call the my Nanny had died. I felt so much hope that I would get pregnant that cycle, and a few weeks later found out that I was right! Thanks Nanny!

In early spring, I found out that my cousin Meghann was pregnant! She and her husband Kurt have a 4 year old daughter named Reece, and would be welcoming…. Wait for it…. Twin Girls in early November!

Then Viv was born. We didn’t know her sex ahead of time, and so delighted she was a healthy girl!

The next week, my cousin Betsy called to tell me she and her husband Dan were expecting, and due in mid- January! And THEN we later found out that another “Holleran” girl was on her way.

We all joked that Nanny was up there busy picking out little girls for us!

As you know, Wednesday was a little rough, but we got through it.

I was putting Vivian to bed, when my mom called. I figured she was a little down from the anniversary of her mom leaving.

I answered to hear her FREAKING the F*** out! “MEGHANN HAD THE GIRLS!!”

We couldn’t believe that Nanny had her hand in it again! Her fourth great grandchild was conceived the day she died, and fifth and sixth grandchildren were born a year later.

Now all we need is for Betsy to have that little girl a few days late on Nanny’s birthday, and I’ll be spent!

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