The littlest Catholic

The Man grew up in a faithful Catholic family.  I am also Catholic, and attended Mass weekly growing up, but The Man was much more involved in his parish community.  He was an alter boy, went to the accompanying school, and worked for the parish in high school.

We married in my hometown Church, but after we were married, really couldn’t find a great spiritual home. Admittedly, we lapsed with our search, merely attending Mass a few times a year. But once I found out I was pregnant, we decided that jumping from Church to Church wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

So we returned to The Man’s childhood church, Sacred Heart.  Father Vaughn, The Man’s minister for his whole life, is now the pastor emeritus, and conducts Mass occasionally   Father Yanas was the youth pastor when The Man was younger, and returned to Sacred Heart five or so years ago after ministering to another parish.

When Vivian was two weeks old, we began bringing her to Sacred Heart on a regular basis. I started recognizing familiar faces, and for the first time in a long time, started to feel like I belonged in a Parish.

A few days before her baptism, we attended a small religious education course with Father Yanas in the rectory.  Only one other couple was in attendance.  We discussed the origins of baptism, symbolism, secular and religious rituals, and the significance of the baptismal rite.  I truly enjoyed speaking closely with Father, since I only really knew him from afar. He was kind, intelligent  and worldly  and I will admit, that I felt a little warm and fuzzy when he clearly recognized that The Man and I attended Mass every week.  We chatted about our families (he knows The Man’s well), and the need for young persons to Witness at Church.  It really got me excited for what was to come on Sunday.

Mass was held at 11:15 am, and was said in memory of Vivian’s great-grandparents Doris Holleran and John Gregaydis. The baptism followed the mass, and was a little overwhelming, simply because of the volume of people.  Vivian was by far the youngest kiddo in the group of three girls being baptized  She received her rites first, in the beautiful baptismal gown made from my grandmother’s wedding dress. Besides a few babbles, she was perfect! As soon as the water hit her head, she went quiet and looked around.  It was truly one of the happiest moments I’ve had in a long time.


Welcome little Catholic. God loves you so much.


Vivian and her cousins

Godparents Todd and Michelle

The Man’s Family

The Lady’s Family

Cousin (and best babysitter ever) Caitlin



8 thoughts on “The littlest Catholic

  1. Congratulations! Welcome to the church, little one! Glad you found somewhere you feel at home and at peace. Lots of memories and joy will be taking place over the years there. (Your daughter is beautiful!)

    • Thank you! at lunch afterwards, my grandmother kept saying “i mean, she is just beautiful! she has such a perfect face! I just can’t believe it!” and The Man and I kept saying sarcastically “uh, mema, we’re totally hot. OBVIOUSLY our baby is beautiful!” haha

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