Chi-town 2013

Part 1: Since my cousin had her new girl-babies last week, I’ve been thinking of making a trip out to Chicago to visit! Two of my mom’s brothers and their families live out there, and we haven’t seen many of them since last January at Nanny’s 90th Birthday. And admittedly  I haven’t been to Chicago  in 6+ years (since mommy of twins’ wedding!), and could really use some time in Chi-town!

Part 2: I’ve heard way too much about BlogHer conferences the past few years, and am equally excited and overwhelmed about the prospect of attending someday.

Part 1 + Part 2: Dude. BlogHer 2013 is in CHICAGO next summer? are you serious? should I go? guys, I’m so nervous, what would I talk about?  Is anyone else going?

4 thoughts on “Chi-town 2013

  1. You should do it! It sounds like it was meant to be and would be a great adventure. I just had the best time at the conference in NYC this weekend and was so nervous to go but am so happy I did. It’s fun to break out of the normal routine and try something new.

  2. You should go to BlogHer! I’m going! It will be my first one and I’m already really excited/crazy nervous about whether everyone will judge my shoes or not. It’s like going back to high school!

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