Calling it in

Guys, seriously? I’m beat. I know I’m slacking on posting lately (rub it in Pitsa! jk love ya haha). But this week has been rough. We ran around all weekend, the Man was sick (and rightfully keeping his distance from Viv), and I’ve been ridiculously busy at work (for the first time since I’ve been back). Basically all I want to come home and sleep. Which, as you may think, is probably why I have this problem.

I promise the next few days will be better. After all, my work Halloween party is tomorrow and Vivian looks delicious in her costume!!

3 thoughts on “Calling it in

    • oh I did! I put Viv to bed around 730 last night, and I was in bed by 7:45! And we didn’t wake up until 7 this morning. And then we took a nap from 9-11! it was glorious and I feel so much better!

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