A sweet cupcake for the whole family

Every year there is a big Halloween party where I work. Kids and grand kids, nieces, nephews, and friends come trick or treating from office to office. The whole place is decorated to the nines, with hanging skeletons, inflatable witches and spiders, and spooky music.

This year was my fourth Halloween party, and it is amazing to see how grown up some of the kids are! Many of them I only see once a year, and some seem like grown ups compared to the toddlers they were just a few years ago!

This year was obviously the first where I brought a little guest. No candy for Vivian – she was sweet enough dressed as a cupcake!


I was impressed at how well she behaved going around the office and being passed around to all of my colleagues who hear so much about her.

After trick or treating, there is a big party in the largest conference room with more food than you could imagine. Most Halloween themed of course.

I’m so psyched to see what Viv does next year when she can toddle around.


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