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My mind goes all over the place sometimes. Sometimes I think it’s fun to retrace my thoughts to figure out how I got to a certain topic.  It is truly amazing how little pieces of information lie dormant in your brain until some random event or though pulls them to the surface.

It kind of reminds me of that movie/book Dreamcatcher (never read the book, but the movie came out a decade or so ago, and Jason Lee was one of the main characters (see! I told you I still loved you Jason Lee!)).  One of the characters  Jonesy, has information hidden in his head that the villan in the story is trying to get to.  All of his memories are stored in boxes and files, and some are locked in a vault.

Ok, see what I mean? I had something all planned out to talk (write?) about, and there I go on a tangent about some scary movie about aliens!

I thought about the movie Hook a few days ago, out of nowhere, and the thought disappeared again. Then this morning, I was flipping channels and saw it was on ABC Family! yippee hooray! I only watched a little bit before taking a nap (see why here), but it got my mind racing about peter pan.  So there I was, wikipedia-en Hooked, and Peter Pan, and all that stuff.  Then I came across an article (somewhere), with an illustration of Wendy outside a little house


and I thought, wait a minute. I’ve seen that before.  (I’ve never read the book Peter Pan, so I knew I hadn’t seen the illustration from that).  I wracked my brain trying to remember seeing it in the animated Peter Pan from Disney, but for some reason, remember real people in the picture in my mind.)

and OMG guys! Do you remember the live action Mary Martin version of Peter Pan that was on TV all of the time in the late 80s/early 90s? I think my parents must have taped it because my brother and I watched it ALL OF THE TIME when we were little.

And guess what?  The build a little house around Wendy!

And then came the “research” about Mary Martin and her life. all about the live-action Peter Pan– this version was taped in 1960, and periodically re-aired.

Desperate to watch it, I found the full-length movie on YouTube, and pulled it up.

With a baby, however, I am delegated to watching a few minutes at a time, but oh the memories! I’m so excited to share (force her to watch) these videos with Viv and her hypothetical siblings in the years to come :)

(end my mind dumb for this Saturday evening. it’s been a rough week, guys)


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