A great day

Today was one of those beautiful fall days which makes me happy to live in the northeast. The leaves have been falling for some time, and the ground is covered in yellow, orange, and red leaves. The autumn sun shines through the half-bare trees and make the sky seem brighter. It won’t last, but that’s what makes it so special.

Viv, the Man, and I took Luke and Lacey to the vet today for their checkup and shots. They LOVE Dr. Burns and we love him too. He is such a caring veterinarian and I love how his exams take place while he sits on the floor with the pups. Luke is a whopping 148lbs, and Lacey is a petite 71lbs. She may be half his size, but she sure can give him a beating.

Then Viv and I went for a visit to Lauren and Chris’s house! She charmed the pants off them, and I got in some good Zeke cuddles. We stopped into buybuybaby in the way home so Viv could pick out a present for her new second cousin, who will be arriving in January.

After some snacks and lounging, we headed over to my parents to visit. My aunt Tricia is in town visiting and brought her three high school friends Patty, Julie, and Bonnie. They’re such a riot and great to spend time with them. And even though Viv slept through most of the visit, she still put on a little show when the time came.

And with that comes my evening wish. It’s daylight savings time. We “fall” back an hour and theoretically get and extra hour of sleep. In the past we were able to shush the dogs to go back to sleep, but that’s soooo not happening with viv! So here’s my prayer to the universe that will allow Viv to sleep at least until 6am. Pretty please??


UPDATE: Vivian is her Mother’s daughter! She woke up at 6:45am (7:45am without the time change). Good girl!!

6 thoughts on “A great day

  1. Ok…my brain shrieked “PUPPIES!” when I was reading through, I love pups! Such mischievous little things (or not so little in Luke’s case!).

    Sounds like you’ve had a busy, family filled time…how brilliant! :)

  2. She TOTALLY charmed the pants off of me and Chris. Just an adorable little baby…thank you SO much for bringing her over and hanging out for so long! :o)

    • How is Miss Abby doing?! I just decided that we should get together so the girls can meet! Maybe we’ll even invited Michelle and Lauren. :)

      • Abby is doing really well. Time is just flying by! I would love to meet up sometime soon. And I am sure Michelle and Lauren would love a chance to see both girls!

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