Monday Mesh

I’m going to try out something I’m calling the Monday Mesh.  Although I have some time to myself on Monday evenings, since the Man is at class and Viv is sleeping, I still don’t seem to have much time to create a well written blog post.  So I’ll just let this be a brain dump! Let me know what you think!

Isn’t the Monday after daylight savings time ends the WORST? every year I forget how dark it gets.  Around 4:30 this afternoon, it was getting dark outside my window at work.  By the time I left at 5:30, it was pitch black.  I will admit that I am lucky to have an office and a window, so I can at least get some daylight.  When I worked at SUNY before law school, I would sometimes go days without seeing much sunlight (it didn’t help that we traveled through the tunnels to go get coffee!)

I’ve had a few great days with friends.  I wrote about our fun day Saturday, and that just continued.  Sunday, we went to Church in the morning, and Viv and I played and did chores during the day while the Man was at school.  Then we went to Pitsa and Alex’s beautiful new house to watch the Giant’s game! Steven and Lauren came too so Viv got to “meet” the new friend Lauren is cooking up for her! Pitsa is the ultimate hostess- She made such a huge spread of appetizers and crudités, followed by delicious comfort foods: chili in biscuit bowls, bourbon meatballs, and mac and cheese. And then brownies for dessert! It’s so nice to have a group of friends who all get along and whose spouses all get along.  Although I know Pitsa and Steve from work, Pitsa and I have become great friends with Lauren, and the guys get along great!  Alex and The Man were in a basketball league last year, and Steve bowls with the Man every week! (The only bad part about the night was the Giants’ loss!)

Today was super busy at work, and I was so psyched to get a text from Christy asking if I was up for a visit. She came over after I got out of work, and we played with Viv.  Once I got her to sleep, we sat and talked for a few hours about everything and nothing.  Christy is one of those friends who I could see every day or once a year and we would still have a million things to talk about. If you get us going, we’ll still giggle and laugh without making a sound over the most ridiculous things.  Our husbands think we’re crazy.

Shutter Island is on TV.  I love that movie, but it really creeps me out.  I know I shouldn’t watch it because I’ll get all scared when I go to bed, but I JUST. CAN’T. TURN. IT. OFF!

Would someone please explain Guy Fawkes Day (Loki-Lou?).  I feel really dumb that I don’t know anything about it beyond “Remember remember the fifth of November” and what was in that movie with Natalie Portman….

These cloth diapers are getting tiring (oh yeah, we cloth diaper. maybe I should post about that sometime). I really love using them (and love how few of our hard earned dollars are spent on diapers), but it’s hard to keep up sometimes.

NaBloPoMo this month is super overwhelming  I’m glad I did it last month and got a taste of who else was blogging.  This month, there is no way I can keep up with reading everyone’s posts and commenting. I’m sure there are a lot of gems out there that I’m missing.

I’m really looking forward to three weeks from now.  Yeah, it’s Thanksgiving  but even more, I predict that’s when all the constant political election crap will stop. I know I can’t hope for it to sop with the election tomorrow.  And on that topic, as with 2008, here I am, the eve before the election, still an undecided voter.  Maybe Viv will help me decide.

Monday is over!


NaBloPoMo November 2012 – Day 5

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    • Viv is totally going to be smart enough to be president! if that’s what she wants to do, so be it. but Man, it would be hard to watch her go through the attack ads and the stress that comes along with being in politics.

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