Vivian’s personality changed in leaps and bounds this month!  The “fourth trimester” theory is spot on- the first three months of a baby’s life is really just adjusting to being outside the womb. But that fourth month, magic happened.

Vivian has always been a smiler, but now she is letting out the most beautiful laugh! You know that feeling when you’re falling in love for that first time? where your heart actually hurts you love someone so much? Every time my daughter laughs, I feel like I can’t  possibly be any happier. It is the best sound I have ever heard.

We’ve been enjoying her collection of books.  Earlier in the month, she wasn’t as interested, but now she grabs the books and examines the pictures.  One of our favorites is “On the Night You were Born” #, which Vivian’s friend Liddy and her mom Molly gave us. It makes me cry every time I read it to her.

Her jaw is STRONG! she is drooling like crazy, and chewing on anything she can get in her mouth: her hands, our fingers, toys, blankets, anything! Where she used to softly (but strongly) suck on our fingers, now she bites down on the nails with her gums, and I’ll be honest- it hurts sometimes!  Her doctor says it’s likely a tad too early for teeth, but we’re still keeping our eyes out.

She is showing more interest in the dogs.  We’ve been practicing having her pet the dogs, and teaching her “gentle”.

She is sitting up much easier, with support of course.  She is fond of her Bumbo (which she previously detested).  We have a tray attached to it, and she is grabbing at all of the toys and rattles we put in front of her. We love watching her hand-eye coordination develop.

She is still exclusively eating breastmilk.  Most of her milk comes from me pumping at work, but I cherish our alone time together in the mornings and evenings when I feed her myself.  As I mentioned, she is much more aware of her surroundings  and is grabbing at everything. When I’m breastfeeding her, she has started rubbing her hand across my breast and back, occasionally grabbing onto my bra strap.  It’s kind of hard to describe, but for some reason, it really makes me feel connected to her.

She is absolutely loving her time at Grandma’s and at MeMe and Grandpop’s house. I didn’t live close to my grandparents growing up, but the Man did, and I’m so happy that she will grow up having her grandparents play a daily role in her life.

Current Favorite Things*: Boob, Bottle, early morning play time in her pack ‘n Play, spending time with her grandparents, chewing her fingers, being tickled, loud, upbeat music.

Least Favorite Things*: Being overtired, Cold weather/being put in her snowsuit, having her hat fall over her eyes in the car.

Weight: 15 lbs 14oz (7.2 kg)
Length: 24 1/2 in (62 cm)
Head Circumference: 15.3 in (39 cm)


NaBloPoMo November 2012 – Day 7

* It breaks my heart that I don’t see Vivian enough to truly know what her favorites are during the day. Saturdays are my favorite days, knowing I have all weekend to play with her.

# Please, no one knows me enough to get me to plug anything! I just really love the book.

7 thoughts on “Four

  1. I know the exact feeling you speak of during nursing! <3. Mine, most of the time, is replaced by chomps and pulls as she's looking around now though :(. It's simply amazing how much love you can have for someone. I was so worried that I could never possibly feel that love like I did with my first born…thankfully, you do and it's even more amazing x's two! (Even I she never sleeps, lol). I can't wait for the girls to hang out again but for now I enjoy watching her "grow" through your blog! <3

    • She is starting to get distracted when “The Man” comes in the room. I’ve heard that your heart explodes when the second one comes along– I never knew I could love this fiercly, and to know that it comes in equal waves with each subsequent child is crazy!

  2. She’s so beautiful! (I realize I comment that like every time, but truly, she is! My husband and I are on the 4 year plan right now, so no little ones for a while. So I hope you don’t mind if I smile at yours.)

    • The 4 year plan works out just GREAT! I got married halfway through law school, so we were on the unofficial 3 year plan. Then life happened. We announced the pregnancy to the world (aka facebook) on our 4th anniversary! She arrived a few days before our 4 1/2 year anniversary :)

    • I love hearing that she makes people smile! sometimes I just can’t stand how cute she is, but I can’t figure out if it’s just because she’s mine or if she really is that darn cute!

  3. I love “On the Night You Were Born” and cry reading it too. You should also check out “Love Songs for a Baby” the illustrations are so beautiful and the words also meals me teary eyed!

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