Busy day!

Oops! Forgot a post yesterday! Maybe we’ll double up tomorrow…

Saturday Vivian had an important lesson: she learned how to shop like a Holleran with MeMe and G. Aunt Tricia! Buy buy baby, Christmas Tree Shop, Ann Taylor Loft, and Macy*s! We all got new clothes and “toys”. It’s nice to have a little retail therapy every so often, especially when it’s MeMe’s treat! Haha


Then we went to Maureen and Mark’s for dinner. Maureen was just released from rehab after having a stroke in the end of August. She is doing amazing!! She is starting to walk a little, and is able to eat just about everything. She still has a long road ahead of her, but we pray everyday for her health. And uncle Mark is a saint for the sacrifices he has made for his wife of 40 years!


The only hiccup was Viv’s screaming fits in the car. Bloody murder! She was perfectly fine any other time, but when we snapped her carrier into the base, wow. I actually felt nauseated from how bad she sounded. I reinstalled the base this morning and she did fine after that- I think it was uneven, which maybe caused her some discomfort from the angle. Problem was fixed though and she was a sleepy baby the whole way home.


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