that got your attention, right?

Tonight, I’m going to talk about my boobs. specifically about how shocked I am to know how big they are.

I’ve never been lacking in the breast-y area. I was a low C cup a year ago.  I know some of that came from being overweight, as I had previously been filling out a B cup quite nicely.

Bu then I got pregnant. and it seemed overnight the girls grew. and grew. and grew. I went to get fitted for new bras early this year, and low and behold, Ds!

As I got more pregnant, I went and bought a bunch of crappy nursing bras from target. I still wear those, but I recently started thinking I needed to get myself some nice bras to inspire me to feel good about myself in some minute way.

I had a sneaking suspicion that waltzing into Victoria’s Secret wouldn’t cut it this time, so I did a at-home measurement to estimate. Basically you measure around, which is your number, and then at the fullest part of your breast.  Subtract the higher from the lower, and get a number.  One inch equals one cup.  So if you have a 36 inch band and a 39 inch breast, you’re a 36C. GEt it?

Ladies (I assume only ladies read this, right?).  I want to Vom.  G.

Seriously? I didn’t think they made them that big. I’m kind of horrified. Will they get smaller once I stop breastfeeding? Please tell me yes!!!!


NaBloPoMo November 2012 Day 14

2 thoughts on “BOOBS!

  1. Holy mackerel! My sister, as life-long captain and chair of the “Itty Bitty Titty Committee,” would be seething with jealousy right now. So you can always look at it from that angle. Thanks for the bra shopping lesson – I’ve always wondered how that worked!

    • I wish I could trade places! I was really surprised, because although I know they’re quite large, I didn’t think they were THAT big! Maybe I’ll blame all this extra baby weight on the size of my breasts….

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