The kids will survive

I had a conversation with a coworker yesterday who told me that he was surprised, given my hyper Type A personality, that I was so relaxed with parenting things (not finding out sex, etc). I do like to go with the flow on most things, and repeat to people all of the time that “she will be FIIINE.”

I drop her pacifier and clean it with my mouth before giving it back. she will be FIINNE. I let her fuss and cry a minute before I get her. she will be FIINNE. I sometimes cover my ears when she wakes up at night, knowing she will most likely fall back asleep. she will be FIINNE. Don’t worry about washing your hands before you hold her. she will be FIINNE.

I read an article this morning that completely embodied this unofficial philosophy. I can’t wait to see how far this gets me.

Amy of Funny is Family wrote about finding kindred mom spirits:

“If you are the mom who told me years ago that the kids live in your house, not the other way around, and your main living area will not be overrun by kids’ stuff: I’m still looking to you as an example.” “If you are a mom who understands that a light-hearted approach to parenting doesn’t diminish the fierce love we have for and desire to protect our kids: Keep it up. Important jobs can be fun, too.”

Hey Mom, I Get You.

(Amy doesn’t know who I am, I just liked the post and thought it was relevant to my life right now)

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3 thoughts on “The kids will survive

  1. Yep, they will be fine! My mom had 6 of us, and if she worried so much about everything she would have gone out of her mind. She tell my sister things will be fine, and so will they as she had each of her 4 kids. After kid 2, sister was saying the same thing too her friends.

    • I hope I can keep up the relaxed parenting style. I just have to remember that I can’t control everything and I can’t protect her from most of the harm that will come to her.

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