My face doesn’t look like an erupting volcano anymore!

This is the story of my journey to beautiful halfway decent skin.

As a teenager, I was lucky in the skin area.  I hardly got blemishes, and if I did, it was a rogue one that disappeared quickly.

But when my twenties hit, on came the acne! Acne to me at the time meant a few pimples that took longer than two days to go away. To be honest, I didn’t even know what to do with myself at first. I saw a dermatologist, who gave me some face rubs, and that helped tremendously.  During a later flare up, I tried and loved Proactive.

Things were manageable until the summer of 2010. My face blew up. Acne all over my T-zone.  And then it started moving to my cheeks.  The blemishes were never ending. Some left dark spots. A few left pock marks.  I tried Proactive again, and it did nothing.  I’m not even exaggerating on this: I actually took weekly pictures of my face and comparing week 1 to week 9, it actually was a lot worse. Don’t I look so sad?

(Listen, I know that my acne wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and certainly not as bad as some people had it in high school. But when you’re appearing before clients and in Court with zits all over your face, you kind of feel like an asshole.)

I finally returned to my dermatologist in late September who put me on a hefty antibiotic and told me to use a face wash with a high concentration of benzyol Peroxide, called PanOxyl.  He also recommended I check with my OBGYN to see if there was a hormonal aspect to the issue.  I was ordered get some bloodwork done, including an awful test for diabetes. (The upside of that test was that I downloaded and watched “Letters from Juliet” on my phone while waiting in the laboratory).  Some of the bloodwork was abnormal, but nothing so conclusive that would mess my face up that badly.

Every morning I would wash my face with PanOxyl, then apply a rub. Every night I would wash my face with PanOxyl, apply a different rub, and take an antibiotic. The acne calmed down, but didn’t entirely disappear.

(May 2011.  Still some unevenness, but getting a lot better)

I was very worried when we started thinking about a baby, because the antibiotic, if taken while pregnant, can cause a baby’s teeth to be yellow!  So I stopped taking the antibiotic well before we started trying.  I will admit that I was terrified that I would have terrible acne during my pregnancy, especially in combination with discontinuing the antibiotics.

(Me about a month before I found out I was pregnant. I have make-up on in this picture, but you can tell my face was much smoother)

But things turned out ok. My hormones didn’t make my face go haywire, and while I still had a few breakouts, they were easily managed by my faithful PanOxyl.

(At my baby shower in Mid May. Again, makeup, but no blemishes!)

Once Vivian was born, I was having some of those rouge pimples again. Nothing I couldn’t handle, but I basically live in constant fear of reverting to the summer of 2010.  So I headed out to the store to get some more PanOxyl. Out. To another store. Out again. CVS, Rite Aid, WalMart, Target, Price Chopper, Hannaford, the Dollar Store. I went to them all. I went online, to see that the normally $10 container was going for $60+ on Amazon!! What IS GOING ON? A supply shortage, that’s what.  Or at least that’s what PanOxyl says. I have a sneaking suspicion that they’re just not going to make it anymore.

So I sucked it up and browsed the shelves of Rite Aid one day.  I had heard that Cetaphil was good, but it had none of the super harsh chemicals that my face clearly needs.  I got the gentle skin formula and hoped for the best.

You guys. I love it. When I wash my face in the shower in the morning, I feel like I’m rubbing my hands on satin. My skin really does feel that soft. And nary a blemish.  I still have a few dark marks, but I can’t expect my skin to have been unscarred by that trauma.  There are even days I go without concealer or powder! Just a brush of mascara and I’m done for the day!

(Me, today, with no makeup!)

So if you’re looking for something new, check out Cetaphil.  It’s been around forever, so it must be good, right?

*This is not a sponsored Post. I don’t have sponsored posts, because no one knows who I am. I just was pleasantly surprised at how well Cetaphil worked for me.


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    • ooo I’ve never heard of Cerave- I will have to try that next! I’m just so happy not to have to wear 3lbs of makeup every day (which probably wasn’t helping the underlying problem much)

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