Every month I cannot believe how fast she is growing.  Vivian’s physical growth is not as apparent as it was in the beginning, but she’s moving up sizes like you wouldn’t believe! This month, she moved from 3-6 month clothes to 6-9 month! Holy Chunk! I’m admittedly jealous that she gets a new wardrobe every few months.  Her friends Liddy and Grace and her cousin Lauren also let her borrow TONS of clothes that will probably last her through the summer!

She is talking up a storm! We try to mimic her sounds, and have her mimic our sounds.  When she comes out with a discernible consonant or sound, we try to say words with that sound.  (Ba = babble, banana, bath, etc.).

The drool has subsided a little, but we still keep bibs on her regularly.  Still no sign of teeth!

Each morning she spends some alone time in her pack and play while The Man and I get ready for work/school.  She has a bunch of toys, and scoops them up with her arms, and kicks them off with her legs.  She’s still a huge fan of her fairy wand!  Watching her learn and develop her hand eye coordination is amazing.  She is very deliberate when she tries to grab a toy or my hair or The Man’s face. EVERYTHING goes in her mouth! I guess it’s a good thing we’re not too crazy about germs.

Viv and I took a trip to Elmira the day after Thanksgiving to visit with family. She is a champ in the car, and sleeps all of the way.  She didn’t even wake up with MeMe the speed demon was pulled over outside Binghamton! She was such a ham for GG and GPopPop and all of her great aunts and uncles, and “cousins”. I think she had her picture taken more than she ever has (and that’s saying a lot considering I’m her mom!)

Still a breastmilk-fed baby! Feeding her has become a little challenging.  She is easily distracted (by the dogs, The Man, etc.) and will stop eating and look around. I’ve also had some variation with my milk supply.  I think the combination of pumping at work (which does not remove the milk as efficiently as she does), and my weight loss endeavor has kept the flow down.  Thankfully, I pump more than enough during the day for her to eat the next day.  I just sense her frustration at night when I don’t have a strong letdown.

She has been showing an interest in what The Man and I are eating. This past month we started discussing when she would try solid foods, and decided to forego giving her rice cereal.  Although it teaches kiddos to use a spoon and get used to thicker consistencies, there really wasn’t much of a nutritional benefit.   We decided to start mashed solids on her 6 month birthday. 

Current Favorite Things*: Christmas music, imitating sounds, watching the computer and reading the news with Daddy on his iPhone,

Least Favorite Things*: being woken up at night, deviations from her (loose) schedule, rolling over

No Stats this month because she didn’t have a well-baby visit.  I think our scale is different than the one at her doctor’s office, so it ends up being off.  My guess is that she’s clost to 17lbs!

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