To wrap or not to wrap

As a child, Santa never wrapped our Christmas presents.  He would lovingly assemble my brother’s action figures, and my American Girls furniture and accessories.  Dollhouses were built and furnished, games were propped for easy viewing.  My brother and I would rush in, and fawn over our new toys while my parents watched.  After some time playing, we would eat breakfast and then begin to open presents.

The presents we opened were from our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and sometimes friends.  There were four of us (unless my Nanny or Uncle Michael and Aunt Susan were visiting), and we would each take a turn opening a present, going around the room. We were able to give thanks for each present.  To this day, this is how my family opens Christmas gifts.  Granted, I’m sure it was more chaotic when we were little, but I do remember there was a dedicated time for Santa, and a dedicated time for family presents.

The Man’s Christmas traditions are vastly different.  Santa wrapped every single present and set them in piles under the tree. I can’t speak firsthand on the system for opening presents when they were younger, but with our nieces, it’s a free for all! Paper flying everywhere, happy shrieks of delight and thanks, and laughing at which uncle gave which niece a loud musical toy to, in part, torture his brother!

The Man and I are both in agreement that the initial present exchange and opening from Santa should be crazy and chaotic and full of joy.  Where we disagree is whether Santa will wrap the presents for our kiddos. I figure that Santa is far to busy delivering all the toys to be bothered with wrapping paper.  Bob thinks that part of the joy of Christmas is seeing all of the wrapped gifts under the tree and digging in.

Did Santa wrap your presents as a child? Does Santa wrap them for your children?

7 thoughts on “To wrap or not to wrap

  1. I have to admit.. the wrapping paper always captivated me as a child and was a huge part of the fun… but now that I look back.. it kind of seems like such a waste of paper! But I remember it was kind of .. a big deal… as a kid. (:

    Most of the time, however, what we did was use bags and tissue paper… you can reuse the bags to give to others anyway… 😛
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  2. My parents have always wrapped presents for my brother and I…they take such care with each item. My mum loves this time of year now she has her own family because when she was growing up it wasn’t like this at all, she wants us to have everything that she never did….in return, I always make sure she has plenty of silly little wrapped gifts to open :)
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  3. While this is only my fourth Christmas (I grew up as a Hanukkah-Celebrator!), I love the process of wrapping presents, looking at them under the tree, and watching them get unwrapped. While we haven’t talked about what we’ll do when we have kids, I have a feeling that we’ll always wrap our presents. There’s something nice about the surprise of what’s underneath all of that paper (and in my case, bows, glitter and … more glitter)!

    • I can see the fun with wrapped presents under the tree. My parents always wrapped presents from Them, but SANTA didn’t wrap his presents. so we really got the best of both worlds. I think it will just have to develop organically, since we certainly can’t come to a consensus now haha. In fact, last night when I was wrapping, I asked The Man if a particular present was from us or Santa. He responded with “what’s the difference? what’s the rule you have?” haha

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