Vivian’s Inaugural Christmas

The month of December has plenty of traditions that make me feel like it’s truly the Christmas Season.

First is my work Christmas Party (4th), which is held the first week in December.  Then the Breslin Yankee Swap Party (4th), where Sam wears his trademark red or green Christmas corduroys. And finally, my parent’s annual Christmas Party (20+).  Sprinkled in there are several birthdays (Keith, Caitlin, Todd, MIL Chris) which screams “CHRISTMAS IS COMING!”

This year, I started considering the new traditions that will come into our family with small people living in our house.  We’ve always played “Santa Paws” with the dogs, but it’s always been a little silly and sarcastic. I wonder if our future Christmases will be filled with Santa-wrapped presents, Hallmark ornaments, or an Elf on a Shelf (oh god, please no), or some other silly tradition we have yet to invent.

This year, we spent Christmas Eve with the Man’s family.



IMG_4812editIMG_4850editIMG_4851editedit IMG_2731

Then Christmas morning, Vivian played with her Jumperoo from Santa.


We went to Church, and headed over to my parent’s house.  Vivian loved playing with her musical toys, books, and red headband!








Then Santa came by to visit! Vivian was great with him, and kept pulling on his beard.


We spent some time at our neighbor’s house for appetizers and drinks.  My neighbors are like family, and it is so wonderful to have everyone home and happy.   This year was especially fun because my next door neighbor’s granddaughter is four days older than Miss Viv!


Our Christmas celebration continued on Wednesday, when we opened presents with my brother (who worked Christmas day), and had our official Christmas dinner.

IMG_2747 IMG_2752



And after several days of running around, we’re finally getting back to our regular schedules. The pups have been passed out on the sofa for days, Viv is sleeping soundly, and I’m trying to find places for all of our lovely gifts! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!



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