I have no words. I distinctly remember being 6 months pregnant.  I remember that my friend’s baby was 6 months old the day I found out I was pregnant.  But that Vivian is six months old is inconceivable!  In some respects, I feel like we were just struggling through that first night in the hospital, worrying about her little sneezes, whether she was eating enough, and learning how to swaddle.  On the other hand, I have pre-parenthood amnesia. What was our life even like without her? It seems like she was always meant to be here with us, and that our lives didn’t even start until she arrived.  I actually remember thinking the same thing when the pups turned 1.  I know it’s not quite the same, but even now, I look at them and know that they put so much light into our lives.


Vivian had a great December.  She met Santa, had a whole month of Daddy day-care (on Monday and Wednesdays), learned to sit up in her stroller, and played in her highchair while The Man and I ate dinner.  She also has had some great experiences eating in restaurants, and is comfortable sitting in restaurant high chairs!

She is beginning to show signs of stranger anxiety.  While she’s comfortable with people she knows, she does show some signs of distress if The Man or I walk out of the room.  I have noticed that even if I walk out of her sight (like when I’m getting her pajamas out of her closet, and she’s lying in her crib), she will start whimpering (if I’m lucky) or full on crying (if I’m unlucky).  Usually it only takes a word and a smile to calm her down, but it makes my heart ache.


Viv is absolutely interested in our food. She watches every morsel of food that goes into our mouths, and sometimes opens her mouth too. Grandma has told us that she avoids eating around her because she feels guilty!  She has also become interested in drinking glasses. My parents sent me a video at work one day of Vivian licking my mom’s pepsi glass! we’ve given her some empty cups, and she actually holds it like her bottle, and puts her mouth on the edge.  At brunch a few days ago, she grabbed a plastic cup, put it to her mouth, tipped it back, and was surprised when she got a trickle of leftover water! Can’t wait until she can start using a sippy cup!

She celebrated her first Christmas and New Years Eve this month.  With Christmas, she was a champ: staying up late, going all over the place for days on end, and generally staying happy.  On New Year’s Eve, she hardly napped and was asleep by 6pm! I suppose she wanted to rest up for 2013 and her foray into solid foods!


I had a twinge of sadness on her six month birthday.  Until that point, I provided every morsel of her nourishment for fifteen months. She was exclusively fed breast milk (from me, or from a bottle of expressed milk) for her whole life. And while I know she has to grow  up, a selfish part of me had such pride that all of her chunk was there because I helped her grow it. But now I get to see her develop her own tastes and preferences for food. Hopefully she inherits her Dad’s propensity for cooking!

Current Favorite Things: Boob/bottle, petting Luke and Lacey, singing and babbling, “reading” books, musical toys

Least Favorite Things: Watching mom or dad leave, rolling over, being bored

No Stats yet this month! Viv has her well-baby visit (with shots) on the 11th.  I can’t even begin to imagine how long and heavy she is- but suffice to say that she’s close to outgrowing her 6-9 month clothes!






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