Yearly Christmas Card Books

you guys! After a year of pinning and pinning and pinning, I finally did my first Pinterest craft!  This, of course, excludes the idea for bookshelves made from picture shelves for Viv’s room. Because THIS involved me actually using crafty tools like PICTURES and HOLE PUNCHES and BINDER RINGS. ok, maybe binder rings aren’t very crafty, but it was so easy and so awesome that I couldn’t let it slide by.

Every year, we tape our Christmas cards to an archway dividing our living and dining room. I take them down after New Years, and usually store them somewhere random.  I recently found 2011’s cards in a bag in my closet.  2010’s cards were in a tupperware box where I keep Christmas tags. Not anymore.

I came across a pin for a Christmas card storage book.  After some more digging, I found instructions and a template for the book on Eighteen 25, a blog maintained by three sisters.

I had some time to myself Thursday evening, and decided to have at it. I already had cardstock and a hole punch, and just ordered the binder rings on Amazon.  Just print the cover (or not! or make your own! whatevs!), punch two equal holes in each card, feed the binder clips around, and voila! I had a blast going through the older cards and seeing how much my friends’ kids have grown up (even if they were only two years old)!

I still have to gather up the rest of 2011 cards and assemble that book.  But my plan is to pack them away with our Christmas decorations and pull them out each year.



Go forth and Assemble Thy Christmas Card Books!

5 thoughts on “Yearly Christmas Card Books

    • wow! those books are beautiful! I love the idea of a pin-it link up! Perhaps during the next year I will be more ambitious haha.

      I use photo cards AND regular cards. I figure if people spent the time to hand write cards (much more difficult than photo cards, imo), then they should be remembered too! It is funny that a few years ago, I had handwritten cards from friends, and now that they have kiddos, they morphed to picture cards. I, admittedly, am guilty of this too!

    • I didn’t do anything but hole punch and secure. First, I knew glueing and making them uniform would take me too long, and second, some of my cards have messages on the back that I didn’t want to cover up!

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