Olympian in the making

My parents’ neighborhood has a community swimming pool.  It’s not huge, but also not especially crowded.  It is not open to all town residents, but only to members and their guests (most of which lived in the neighborhood).  I spent virtually every day there as a child playing and swimming laps.

As I got older, I swam on my middle school and high school’s swim team for a few years.  I wasn’t great – middle of the pack – but absolutely loved it. There was a great sense of camaraderie among my fellow swimmers and divers.  Swimming was also a great way to calm your head – you are alone with your thoughts and the splashes around you. Plus, its great exercise and you don’t notice the sweat because you’re already wet! I spent my summers lifeguarding and often had the chance to get a workout in before the pool opened.

I got back into swimming during law school after getting duped into doing the swim portion of a team triathlon with my friends Jess (bike) and Molly (run).  Since I obviously had to train before swimming a mile in open water, I spent many evenings at the local YMCA. 

It should be no surprise that when Vivian was born, I immediately began investigating swimming lessons.  Last Saturday morning, my dream was realized!

I admit that I was a little anxious about how the lesson would go. First, me in a swimsuit. yeah.  But more importantly, Vivian had been screaming bloody murder in her baths the prior weeks, and I was convinced she would put on a show during the lessons.

She was a champ. She was so serious during the lesson, only laughing a little when I kissed her cheeks.  We sang songs, blowed bubbles (well, I did), and learned to swim on our front and back.  She was kicking away like a little frog! Maybe she’ll be a breaststroker (which was certainly not my forte!)

Unfortunately, we didn’t get too many pictures.  One mom was taking video of her son and husband in the pool and a water aerobics instructor yelled at her. Apparently no photos or video in the Y? But The Man was able to snap a few discreet shots on his iPhone.

viv swim lessons

The first and only time a picture of me in a bathing suit will be on the internet.


Lessons continue every Saturday morning until the end of March! Vivi will be an expert swimmer by the time summer rolls around!  I may even convince myself to get a few laps in before or after….

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