sneaking away

The Man and I celebrated our fifth anniversary on January 5th.  For months we had thrown of ideas of ways to celebrate, but nothing was set in stone.  On New Years Eve, we finally buckled down and made some decisions.

The Man found a resort on the northern shore of Lake George that had private cabins.  The Trout House is located in Hague, and has been around for 100+ years. Naturally, it being the middle of winter, the rates were much lower than we expected.  Since the arrangements were so last-minute, the family that owns and runs the property waived the two night minimum.  We happily booked a 1 bedroom cottage called the Seneca Patio for Saturday night.

We began our trip Saturday at noon, after dropping the kids off at my parent’s house for the night.  The drive up to Lake George Village (on the southern tip) is only about an hour and fifteen minutes. We’ve been there plenty of times, but never in the winter, and never all the way up the lake.  The Man wanted to try a restaurant that was on the way to the cabin, so we entered it into the GPS and arrived around 130.  After walking in, something didn’t seem right.  The restaurant was right in Lake George Village, and the menu wasn’t what we were expecting.  We both looked at each other and knew we were at the wrong place! Since we hadn’t ordered anything, we decided to make a break for it.  Yikes!  It was well worth it (and the 20 minute drive to the right restaurant!) for the delish meal and getting toasty by the 360 degree fireplace!

Once we got back on the road, it took close to an hour to get to the cabin. A good portion of the drive was up Route 9, right on the lake. I love the look of cold lake water in the winter – it has such a beautiful aqua tone to it.  Of course, I find it impossible to capture that color on camera, so I just leave it to my memory.

After arriving at the Trout House, we went to the office to check in, and had a very pleasant surprise! Two beautiful Golden Retrievers were there to greet us! The Man spent some time cuddling them (he misses his dog Sparky dearly) while I checked in.  As we left, our new furry friends followed us outside. and then blocked our car! I think they were looking for a winter walk.

We got settled in the Cabin, which was much more than we could have imagined! It had one bedroom with 2 queen beds (not ideal, but it didn’t kill us to cuddle a little closer), a full kitchen, wood fireplace, and a huge jet tub. I’m sure the covered patio would have been great in the summer, and the view of the Lake was beautiful.  The resort had built us our first fire, so we got to relaxing and planning our evening.

Bedroom, with window overlooking Lake George

Bedroom, with window overlooking Lake George

fireplace wood!

fireplace wood!



View from our front door

View from our front door

cozy fire and full kitchen

cozy fire and full kitchen


Naturally, I insisted on taking our annual anniversary picture before we headed out.


Our friends Jess and Gavin have a family house in the area, and they recommended Cate’s Italian Garden in Bolton Landing.


The drive to Bolton Landing was about 25 minutes. The Man ordered a Steak Pizzaiola and I indulged with some Tortellini Alfredo and a few glasses of wine.


Our server was warm and welcoming, and we chuckled at the young girls at the next table talking to their mom about buying a new horse. IMG_2845

I’m sorry to admit that after a little more fire watching in the cabin, I fell fast asleep at about 10pm. It was something being relieved from the responsibility of parenting that released all of that pent-up anxiety and let me relax. and by default, get sleepy. Although I’m sure those three glasses of wine didn’t have any impact!

We slept until a glorious 9:30 am the next morning and checked out by 11am.   On the way back to the Village, we stopped at a scenic overlook for some pictures.  Another car was pulled over, with the doors and trunk wide open.  Three men stood facing north with something up to their heads.  The Man speculated that they were taking pictures too, but as we got closer, I realized they had binoculars!

BIRD WATCHERS! We felt like we were intruding on some sacred event.  It took everything in my power not to giggle when one man yelled “A CHICKADEE! A CHICKADEE!” and another called “A RAVEN! over there!” Even better was their bird calls, which I can only begin to imitate.  The Man had a sincerely confused look on his face the entire time.


Once we got back in the car, we tried to give these guys the benefit of the doubt. After all,  it was nice how excited they got about it.  If that’s your style, what better way to spend a Sunday morning than observing nature.


We stopped at the Lake George outlets on the way home, and then in Saratoga to walk around and get lunch. I even convinced the Man to take a picture in one of those ridiculous photo booths! We stopped at the Circus Cafe, which was a kitschy French Circus themed place.  It absolutely caters to a younger (like elementary school) crowd, but there were several other adult couples there. Lunch was great (as was the flourless chocolate cake for dessert!)


We did nothing and everything. We talked, and not just about Vivian. It was relaxing, invigorating, and exactly the time we needed to reconnect.





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