Maddie’s Elephant

There is a wonderful consignment shop, PolkaDots, that I stop by from time to time.  It carries a variety of items, but the diapers and baby clothes are what keep me coming back.  That, and the fact that EVERY SINGLE TIME I go there, I leave feeling uplifted and happy.

I was in the area Thursday night, and dropped in on my way home to pick up diaper liners. When I arrived, Vikki, the owner of Sonrise diapers, was about to give a cloth diapering class.  The Man and I met Vikki last spring, when we took the class at St. Peter’s Hospital. Not only did she stop her set up to give me a quick lesson on diaper liners, she actually remembered who I was, and what I did for a living!  I was sad that I didn’t have Vivian there to show off.  I started chatting with some other moms, about what we do with diapering, and how it works for us.

After picking up some essentials (i.e. a new diaper which was totally not needed, but oh-so-cute), I went to the other part of the store (which has clothes for older kids and moms) to check out.

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a smile and a hello. and not just a “oh i’m working and you’re a customer.” It was a genuine good to see you, thank you for coming here, type of hello.

I bee-lined to checkout and saw a revolving shelf with adorable stuffed elephants.  I quickly glanced at the sign and saw a note that all proceeds was going to a charity.  Since it’s rare for me to see a product where ALL of the proceeds go to charity, I picked an elephant up, and asked what it was.


The women behind the counter told me it was a local organization aimed at giving kids their “best day ever”.  The Maddie’s Mark Foundation was started last year after the death of a local 5 year old girl, Maddie Musto, from an inoperable brain stem tumor.  Maddie died 5 days after her diagnosis.  I remember hearing about her passing last year, because my friend who had a daughter the same age was devastated.

Then the clerk started telling me that all of Maddie’s Elephants were all made by volunteers, from donated fabrics.  The group of volunteers (called Maddie’s Pack), even hold parties where you can pick your own fabric!


They cost $20, which is a small price to pay considering the love and care that went into it.  It’s the perfect gift for a baby shower or new baby, since it’s a meaningful gift, in addition to being super adorable.

Vivian has latched onto this elephant like a baby to the boob. She rolls around her crib to grab it, and just gazes at it’s trunk and braided tail. She has stuffed animals, but she actually treats this one a little differently.


PolkaDots on facebook

Sonrise Diaper Service and Store on facebook

Maddie’s Mark Foundation on facebook

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  1. What a beautiful elephant! (they’re my favorite animal – for so many reasons!) I’m so glad Vivian likes it and that the money goes to such a worthy cause! This post really brightened my morning! :-)
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