I have a completely different baby than I did a month ago.  It is almost like the first 6 months didn’t happen.


Vivian started the second half of her first year eating bananas.  We slowly introduced a variety of foods, and attempted a modified version of baby-led weaning.  In the meantime, we’ve focused more on pureed (store-bought) baby food, and she loves it! She opens her mouth wide for basically anything, and then smacks her lips and hums at how delicious her food is.  So far she has had: banana, apples, peaches, pears, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, carrots, and avacado.  The only one she wasn’t thrilled about were the green beans (which she refused after 5 or so bites) and the peas (which she choked down, but unhappily).  Since she hasn’t had a reaction to anything (other than gas from the peas!), we’ll soon be moving onto mixed foods (like apple-banana-strawberry!)

And soon enough, we’ll be moving onto beef jerky and bagels! because TEETH!! Her first tooth cut on January 16th, at 6 1/2 months.  A few days later, her second tooth cut.  It took a while for them to become visible, but now there are two white crowns about to pop out!


She is a pro at sitting up by herself. Viv can sit unassisted for a length of time (10? 20 minutes?) when we’re up playing in her room.  She will reach for something in front of her, grab it (or not), and lean back. Sometimes she leans back just a little too far, starts to lose her balance, and straightens back up again.

She is less averse to rolling over, and up until yesterday evening, I hadn’t witnessed her roll from back to front (The Man had). I have, however, come upon her on her stomach when mere moments before, she was on her back.  She prefers to be on her back, and will often roll from front to back to get in a more comfortable position.   She has realized that rolling is a way to get! at! all! the! things! Something too far away? just roll on over and grab it! movement for the win.

Standing is her next goal.  While she has always liked to stand up (with her knees locked, just like her mom!) with our help, she is now able to hold onto objects and stand on her own.  This lasts less than 10 seconds, and she isn’t able to pull herself up yet, but progress is progress.


Vivian has become an expert swimmer! She began swim lessons this month, and now gets excited when we get her changed into her swimsuit in the YMCA family changing room.  She kicks up a storm in the water, and takes it all very seriously.  I have to drag smiles out of her while we’re swimming, which is in stark contrast to her normally super happy demeanor.  We’ve practiced going under water, too (which neither one of us liked very much). She hasn’t learned that she should put her hands forward when swimming on her stomach, and instead keeps her arms to her side like a figure head on old ships

This has translated well to bathtime.  She now sits in the tub (without a seat), and plays with toys.  She loves to splash around and wants to stay in, even after she starts to shiver.  Thankfully her stage of screaming during baths has stopped (for now?)

Luke is now her best friend, and the feeling is mutual. She grabs his face, ears, and pets his paws at any chance she gets.  He is constantly sniffing her face and looking for her.  Vivian so desperately wants Lacey to be her best friend, but Lacey isn’t quite so sure. I think Lacey is more startled by the abrupt movements Vivian makes, because when we’re all sitting and calm, she is happy to let Vivian pet her. Both of them are still super protective of her, and always try to go into her room at night to check on her before they go to sleep.

Current Favorite Things: SWEET TATERS!, grabbing for water glasses, musical toys, her elephant, screaming when mom and dad leave her room at night, Luke and Lacey.

Least Favorite Things: not knowing where Mom and Dad are,

No Well baby Visit this month.  At her 6m checkup 2 weeks ago she was:
Weight: 18lbs, 5oz
Length: 26 1/4 inches
Head Circumference: 16 inches
Clothing Size: 6-9 months, but barely fitting


If the Sixth month is any indication on how fast she is growing up, we’re in for some leaps and bounds in her seventh!

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    • swimming is GREAT! and I don’t even care about having to put on a swimsuit haha. I wonder if she would like homemade sweet peas– gerber peas are just gross!

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