baby genius!

In my high school, the school (or parents?) would throw an all night party at the school the night after graduation — Graduation Celebration.  I bet a lot of thought went into that name.

There must have been a Hollywood theme my year, because there were movie posters all over the lunchroom. One was for the critically acclaimed movie Baby Geniuses.   For some Godforsaken reason, I felt compelled to take my picture with said poster, covering up the word Baby and the “S” in Geniuses.  So that the poster would therefore refer to me as a Genius. Except I left the “E”, so really It said “GENIUSE.” which basically defeated the whole purpose.

alt=”Baby Geniuses”>

(with KATHLEEN TURNER AND CHRISTOPHER LLOYD?? who knew? I should rent it. or stream it online, since no one rents movies anymore)

But to get back on topic: I’m pleased to announce that my daughter has not inherited my propensity for stupid! Drumroll please……

She signed today!! we’ve been kind of doing some signs for milk, more, and all done. which are probably not the correct ALS signs, but it works for us. sometimes we remember, sometimes we don’t. So it was a wonderful, exciting surprise when Viv started opening and closing her hand this morning, about 3 hours after she first ate (at 5:30am….) (and yes, I was running late this morning. because someone got up at 5:30am).

At first I thought she was waving bye, but then realized that we didn’t do that to her very much. as soon as I made the sign back, she did it again and had a HUGE smile on her face!

my sweet Baby Genius!

9 thoughts on “baby genius!

    • Do you remember me taking that picture?! I’m sure I have it somewhere – may have to do some digging tonight. I’m starting to wonder if she makes that sign and means me– I fed her this morning, and a little while later, when The Man was holding her, I cam in the room and she did the sign! she obviously wasn’t hungry, but probably thinks (correctly) that Milk means Mommy!

    • Hopefully she won’t be the first female president! it’s hard enough to be president (I bet) without all of that extra attention 😉

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