What happens when a fat girl Mom-Shames?

Lately, I’ve seen quite a few posts where a mom/wife ate an entire bag/box of some sugared up- commercially made treat, like M&M’s or Oreo’s.  Maybe it was bought for a party. Maybe for toilet training bribing.  But it always ends with the woman demolishing the whole thing with no apologies.  In every case that comes to mind, the woman is relatively thin and attractive.  Call it transparency. call is Mom-shaming. Call it getting carried away.  But the fact remains that the response would be quite a bit different if I posted something similar.

I’m all for a little over indulgence sometimes.  The Man is well aware (and annoyed) by the fact that a box or bag of something delicious (cookies, ice cream, whatever) can only last so long in our house. (Which is also why I try to keep it out of the house, but I digress).

The fact is, before I picked up on that, I would never send out a facebook status, tweet, or blog post about how I ate a cup of chocolate chips or a bag of potato chips. Because when big girls talk about overeating, it’s gross and shameful.  If I was toilet training my daughter using skittles, but ate the whole bag instead, the response would be negative.  If I don’t go to the gym for months (ahem), well, “no wonder she hasn’t lost the baby weight.”

The bottom line is that it isn’t good for ANYONE to eat a whole bag of Reese’s Pieces or package of raw cookie dough, but we all do it.   Just don’t expect me to post too much about that. At least not until I lose this baby weight.

5 thoughts on “What happens when a fat girl Mom-Shames?

  1. I hate double standards!!!! This is something I struggle with a lot – and I don’t even have kids! When I was at my heaviest, if I went out to dinner and didn’t order the salad or, God forbid, ordered dessert, everyone would look at me like I was gross and slovenly. That kind of shame is awful. Sometimes you’ve had a really bad week and that means that sometimes you just want a brownie. I’m not gonna facebook it, but I certainly shouldn’t be shamed by it. And neither should anyone else! Even when we make 99% of our choices in healthful ways, everybody splurges once in a while.
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  2. Unfortunately, I know exactly what you mean. It’s unfair because we shouldn’t judge others or what they eat. We don’t know other people’s struggles or what they are going through. Some people that are thin eat very unhealthy and it shouldn’t be something they are proud of. If they’re eating junk but have the body type to remain thin, that doesn’t mean it’s not damaging their body just as much as someone who is heavier. We need to focus on feeling and being healthy rather than looking thin.

  3. It’s true that the responses can be overwhelmingly negative when people see someone who is not a stick eating a lot of food. I’m glad you called those people out on it! That being said, my doctor told me to start eating more healthfully since the antidepressants I take cause me to gain weight and today I ate an entire bag of Hershey’s kisses with almonds. They were delicious. Can’t help a sweet tooth!
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  4. It hurts my head that so many women want to shame others for whatever reason. Whether it’s fat shaming, slut shaming, Mom shaming or even fashion shaming, it’s all a frustrating pillar of hate that gets further perpetuated when It builds those ‘haters’ right back up.

    Trying to make other people feel incorrect or invalid for ANYTHING they do is morally wrong and is all too often driven by the heinous idea of one-upmanship.

    Dude. We have vaginas, they take enough, ladies should be helping each other and not tearing them down.

    There’s a chance I feel strongly on this.. *backs away with ginger biscuits*

    (great post as ever) x
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