Annnnd she’s off!!


Vivian is on the verge of mobility.  She rolls over constantly, and almost every morning, we find her sound asleep on her stomach. She’s like her mom!

She rolls over and over to get to what she wants, and can rotate in a full circle on her stomach.  Over the last few days, she has begun to crawl slightly backwards, but still can’t quite grasp crawling forwards.  Basically she will do a cobra style move, then flop her chest down, and throw her arms back like she’s swimming.  Sorry honey, it won’t work on dry land!

And speaking of swimming, she loves it! She is less phased about going underwater, and has been practicing “jumping” in the water. I will sit her on the ledge and let her balance until she eventually leans a little too far over and falls into my arms.  Let me tell you, there are big celebrations involved.


The Man and I have overdeveloped Right biceps from carrying Vivian in her infant car seat.  Her size, plus the weight of the carseat made it next to impossible to lug her around.  So guess who moved into a big-girl carseat?!  She seems to be comfortable in it, and it’s a lot easier for us to carry her to and from the car (versus the seat).  The major downside is that if she falls asleep in the car, we can’t easily transport her to her room for a nap.

Viv had her first real cold this month.  She had congestion when she was 3 weeks old, but the big guns were out this time. Snot everywhere, coughing, sneezing, diarrhea, and a grumpy baby. Time, humidifier, and the snot-sucker helped.  (go ahead, click that link. I dare you.)

Of course, her sickness didn’t prevent her from TALKING. ok, probably not really, but we can pretend.  We’ve determined that she says DADADADADA when she’s happy or playful and MAMAMAMAMA when she’s upset or wants comforting. Verdict is still out on whether she knows what she’s saying.  (The Man would disagree. he is convinced that she is the smartest baby alive).

IMG_5366_webCurrent Favorite Things: FOODS (specifically baby food pouches), sippy cup, her ABC Giraffe, peek-a-boo.
Least Favorite Things: being overtired, interesting things just out of reach, finishing her food when she wants MORE FOODS.

No Well baby Visit this month.  We check in in early April!

Weight: 20+
Length: Long
Head Circumference: Lots of brains!
Clothing Size: Officially 9-12 month clothes!


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