Best Question Ever

I was asked a very important question six years ago.  It was easy to come up with the answer.

I was in my first year of law school, and was enrolled in a mandatory Lawyering class. basically it teaches you to research caselaw and write like a lawyer. We had briefs to write based on a fictional fact pattern (ours was about cryogenics!), and our professor allowed us unlimited opportunies to meet with her and review and revise before the paper was submitted.  So on Thursday March 1, 2007, I was in the Lawyering suite with a bunch of other students, waiting for a turn to meet with her.  During the wait, I got a phone call offering me a job at the Attorney General’s Office that summer! I was floating on air.   I called the Man to celebrate, and he asked if I ate dinner. (1)  Since the group of us waiting knew it would be a late night, we had ordered pizza, so the Man was on his own for dinner.

Saturday morning, March 3, The Man and I picked up his brother to go tour the Westchester Module Home factory.  At the time, we were considering building a house at some point.  We returned that night and went out for the annual law school pub crawl. It was a super fun night.  I wasn’t super close with my friend Molly at the time, but for some reason, we hung out with that group all night. I remember Molly having a serious conversation with the Man at Lark Tavern.  She told him that if he wanted to get a house and a dog, he should probably put a ring on it.


Molly lecturing The Man on the prerequisites of dog and house ownership.

I distinctly remember that night being one of the best nights I had in law school. I loved that the Man got along with my friends, and I felt happy. 

The next morning, I was signed up to give tours to potential students at the law school.  I was stationed with my friend Andria, and had a good amount of downtime to talk.  Since the Man and I were thinking of buying a house, we had planned to move to our parents’ house to save money. Andria and I had a serious conversation about how I didn’t want to move into a house with the Man until we were engaged. 

Later that day, I called my mom about a fatal accident that happened right near their house.  My mom was super weird on the phone, but I figured she was just busy. (3)  Then the Man and I got ready for an early dinner at the Barnsider restaurant.  It wasn’t anything super fancy, but we had been meaning to try it out. 

When we arrived, we were seated at a small table up against a wall.  The Barnsider is has a lot of kitch, and unfortunetly for the Man, our table was situated right next to a sled that was leaning against the wall.  Which he knocked over as we were seated. (4)  We went about our meal (I ordered scallops), and left just as the restaurant was getting crowded. We walked outside, and I just couldn’t stop talking about how good my scallops were. I had some leftovers and was way too excited about it. All the way to the car I talked about those silly scallops. (5)

We got to the car, and The Man came to my side.  This was not out of the ordinary, since he often opens my door when we get in the car. Except this time, he didn’t open the door. But it was cold out, and I reached for the handle.  The door was still locked.

I looked at him, and distincly remember seeing his hand go in his pocket. I thought “don’t get excited. this might not be it.” But then he dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him. Obviously I said of course. Best Question Ever.



(1) yeah, he was asking because he was headed over to my parent’s house.

(2) Todd got in the car and didn’t see me in the backseat.  He later told me that he almost asked The Man when he was going to propose.

(3) not busy. she just knew the big question was coming, and didn’t know when he was going to ask.

(4) nervous, much? He said he was going to propose at dinner, but after that, he rethought his plan.

(5) the second plan was out on the terrace as we left the restaurant. But I kept talking about those scallops!!

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