In like a lion

March is here! and if Punxsutawney Phil is right, spring is around the corner. Of course, the snow flurries we got all weekend weren’t great, but the fact that they melted pretty quickly was!

Viv had her last swim lesson on Saturday morning, and the Man went in with her. Watching her swim is an entirely different experience. You really don’t appreciate how well she does until you’re in the water with her. The Man had a great time – Viv even floated on her back for a few seconds!


The afternoon was relaxing– The Man and Viv napped while I went to the mall and picked up a new pair of jeans (one more size to go!) and an Easter dress/outfit for Viv.  Then we went out to dinner, and Viv ate her dinner in the high chair and played so nicely while we ate. We walked around Target for a bit, and contemplated some baby proofing tasks.

Then Sunday, while the Man was at the gym, Viv and I cleaned up and made a pile of clothes and shoes to be donated. One negative side effect of pregnancy was that my feet grew 1/2 a size*, so I have to clear out a lot of shoes that don’t fit anymore.

Then we loaded up the cars (me with the dogs, and The Man with Vivian), and went to my parents’ house.  My childhood next door neighbor and his wife and baby were visiting from NYC, and we had a playdate! Bugg^ is four days older than Viv, and it’s so fun to see them grow up together.  They first met in September, right before I went back to work and it’s amazing to see the change!

429891_10100472504369412_1914386098_n September 10, 2012.

Instead of “playing”, the girls are interacting! reaching, sitting, wanting to crawl, and babbling like crazy.  Bugg even got a taste of Vivian’s interest in hair pulling. yikes. IMG_5419_web IMG_5402_web IMG_5395_web I get more and more excited for summer when they’ll be toddling around!


Vivian passed out when we got home, exhausted from a busy day.  The Man and I had a relaxing dinner, and watched Argo, which we LOVED.  I bet that movie wins some awards. 😉


* I just read an article last week talking about why some women’s feet “grow” during pregnancy

^ Not her real name, obv.

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