10 percent

It’s been a long, bumpy ride.  Sometimes I stalled and didn’t pay attention. Other times I pushed through, working my ass off every step of the way.

I still have a lot ahead of me, but I’m all about celebrating victories.

This morning, my scale told me that I have lost 10% of my body weight! I started weight Watchers in September, and have lost an average of 0.7 lbs per week since.  Basically December through early March was a loss, as I really didn’t pay attention to tracking and indulged a little too much.

I feel strong. I feel powerful.  and yes, I still feel quite jiggly.


Vivian is Nine Months Old!

GOTCHA! Happy April Fool’s Day.

Oh wait. No. that’s not right. Vivian actually IS Nine months old. And as of yesterday (3/31/13), she has been “out” longer than she was “in”.


This last month has been just amazing, watching Vivian grow into a big baby.  You can almost see the toddler wanting to come out, and it makes my heart ache and burst all at the same time.

And the things she can do. She can stand up, and wants to stand all. Of. The. Time. Whether that be holding onto her pack and play or crib, or holding your fingers, Miss Viv is bi-pedal. She shows very little interest in conventional style crawling, preferring to maneuver backwards and in circles until she gets to what and where she wants.  In the last week, I’ve caught her in a half crouched-half crawling position. It almost reminds me of what someone looks like when they’re about to do a tripod pose in yoga class haha.

A lot of people have mentioned that they think she’ll be more instead in walking instead of crawling.  God help us if that happens soon!  We’ve tried to baby-proof as much as we can, but still have a lot of work to-do.  Honestly, I doubt we’ll really have a fire lit until she really is moving around like crazy!


Viv is a master eater.  She chows down on basically anything we give her, including a green beans, peas, and pears combo! We stock up on Happy Baby/Happy Tot pouches from Happy Family and form the Up and Up brand at Target. We occasionally get jars too.  She hasn’t had any meat or dairy yet, and I’m really grossed out about giving her meat, even though The Man and I eat it regularly. She is still nursing twice a day (morning and night), and gets expressed milk during the day while I’m at work.

Over the last month, Viv has been prone to SCREAMING fits. And when I say screaming, I mean, “who is stabbing that baby” kind of scream.  It started when I would put her down in her crib to go to bed, which made us wonder if she had an ear infection.  Then it continued during the day when The Man or I would leave her sight, which lead us to believe it was a separation anxiety.  Other times, she will chew her fingers (or our fingers) and whimper.  So maybe it is teeth?  The jury is still out, but we go to the doctor tomorrow for her 9 month visit, so hopefully all is well and developmentally typical.

Otherwise, she’s as happy as a clam. She still loves her bath time (which is a big change from 3 months ago!). She would sit in there for an hour if we let her, just splashing and singing and chewing her bath toys. Viv will watch everything so intently; you can just see her brain just absorbing tons of new sounds, smells, and sights with every moment.


Current Favorite Things:  her musical puppy, car naps, Disco, sitting in high chairs, peek-a-boo with a blanket, her jumperoo

Least Favorite Things: not having Mom or Dad within arms reach, being woken up from car naps.

Weight: 21 lbs, 4 oz
Length: 28 1/2 in
Head Circumference: 17 in
Clothing Size: 9-12 month clothes