This is happening

Vivian spends Thursdays at my parents’ house. I almost always get picture texts from them or my cousin Caitlin who lives there.

Today while at a CLE, I checked Facebook and saw that Caitlin had posted the following picture:


Who is this big girl and what has she done with my baby?

I am acutely aware that her 11 month birthday is just over a week from now. Her 1st birthday party invitations went out this week. She is a curious, mischievous problem solver, and I can’t wait to see the person she becomes.

Renewed (and New) Friendships

from buzzfeed

When I was secret pregnant with Viv, I got a facebook friend request from an old college friend.  We both worked on the college crisis hotline, Middle Earth, and spent countless hours together in that living room waiting for the chronic callers to keep us busy.  Although she is a year younger than me, she graduated a semester early (one semester after I did).

During a transitional time, she moved into the same apartment complex as me, so we were able to see each other occasionally.  But as things go, we lost touch.

Only a few weeks after our new facebook friendship, she announced she was pregnant with her first baby! I did some calculations and realized her due date would be a little over a month before mine.

Once I announced my pregnancy, we started exchanging ideas, complaints, and excitements. When I saw she registered, I figured I had about a month to get my act together and do that.  The list goes on and on (birthing classes, ordering the crib, etc).

Her due date came and went, and she delivered a beautiful daughter about two weeks later.  And then I delivered Miss Viv a week early.  For those mathematicians out there, the girls are 13 days apart!


Seeing her over our maternity leaves really kept me sane. well, relatively sane.  We got lunch and talked for hours. She introduced me to a music class for babies, and I brought her to a baby wearing meeting to learn how to use our various baby carriers.

It’s harder to get together since we’ve returned to work, but those times are so worth it. it’s amazing to see how big her daughter has gotten, and I can’t wait until Viv and her start really interacting.

In Early May, she invited us to Indian Ladder Farm’s baby animal day! the girls got to see some cute animals (and Viv inadvertently tried to kill a a baby chick), and then played in the grass!


yippee for old and new friends!!


Disney Princesses

So I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Disney revamped Merida from BRAVE to be more sultry than how she appeared in the movie.


Showing boob and more shoulders, softening and lengthening her hair, putting her in the very type of Dress Merida hated to wear, and worst of all, robbing her of her bow and arrow!

I was happy to find out that, earlier today, the Disney Princess website replaced the revamped Merida with her original image. But I started looking at the other Princesses on the page– they’ve all be altered to look super sexy and not at all like their movie selves! 

 disney princesses

(screenshot from

After Viv went to bed, I did some further research, and saw that every single one of these princesses are revamped and extra sparkly, with fuller hair and exaggerated features.

The pictures on the left are the pictures from the Disney Princess Website; the pictures on the right are pictures of how the Characters appeared in their respective films. (Except for Rapunzel– I messed that one up, and Merida, since that is how the picture came).

Fotor0514155852 Fotor0514155743 Fotor0514155822  Fotor051415567

Personally, I think the original pictures are a million times better. In fact, the re-vamped versions look more dainty and more ornate.  Something tells me that Pocahontas wouldn’t be wearing feather earings.  And Belle’s hair tendrils would totally get in the way of her book reading.  What I hate the most is that that they lightened Rapunzel’s hair from a dirty blonde to yellow.  She looks ridiculous!

Car Sleeper

Recently, a friend on facebook asked for car seat recommendations- I immediately said that Vivian loved her car seat, and that it was her favorite place to nap.

While taking a few minutes to break up the day, i was scanning through the pictures on my phone and came across a few funny pictures of Vivian sleeping in her car seat, two of which I took yesterday. “Hmmm,” said me to myself, “I wonder how many pictures I have of Vivian sleeping in her car seat?”


There were some conditions, of course.  While I have a ton of her sleeping in her car seat in random locations, I limited it to pictures of her actually sleeping in the car (with some super adorable exceptions).  Without further adieu, and in no particular order, the sleeping car seat queen!

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TV Stars!

soooo, my friends Jess and Gavin were on TV last weekend! They were featured on TLC’s My First Home, and had a big screening party at their house!  You may not know this, so sorry for blowing your mind, but SPOILER, reality television isn’t very real!  In fact, they filmed the show last summer, but had purchased the house the year before! The producers did follow some similar story lines, but a lot of details were excluded.

I didn’t have my “real” camera, so sorry for the poor quality. 

tv 2

tv 1 The even better news is that you can watch the episode online!!

my only complaint is that they didn’t ask the Man and I to fake help them move in at the end, since we did actually help them move in!

Related: Realtor Alex was their actual realtor, and is a friend from law school. Lawyer Eric was their actual lawyer*, and is also a friend from law school!




* this isn’t meant to be, but this post could contain attorney advertising, so I’m ethically obligated to inform you that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Basketball Fans

The Man turned 33 last friday, and to celebrate, we took him to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA! His brother Todd, his wife Michelle, and their daughter Lauren joined us! The timing was especially perfect because the playoffs are happening, and The Man was high off the Bulls’ series 1, game 7 victory over the Nets the night before!

When we arrived, I swooped Viv away to change her into her special outfit.  She was certainly dressed to impress!


When we arrived, they took our picture in front of a green screen.  Not only was it a great picture of all 6 of us, but they had a 2 for deal, so we each got a 4×6!

hall of fame001_WEB

Bob’s two brothers are both Celtics Fans.  Todd was more than excited to pose with the life sized statue of Larry Bird in front of the Celtics display. The Man is a little younger, and came of age during the Bulls glory days, and is a devoted fan. 

  hall of fame 1

Viv had a great time helping her Dad shoot baskets, and even I got in on the Bulls fandom with The Man’s hat.

hall of fame 2

After the Hall of Fame, we went to a nice Italian restaurant for a late lunch.  They didn’t have a high chair, so Miss Viv sat in a booster seat! it made for an interesting lunch!   IMG_3805_WEBAll in all, a GREAT trip, a GREAT Sunday, and a GREAT birthday celebration!