Double Digits!

Oh my doodlebug. Your 9th month has been the best so far. You have flourished and grown up so quickly, it’s impossible to imagine what new things you’ll be doing tomorrow.


You LOVE food. All kinds of food!  You’ve moved from having mainly purees to chomping on all kinds of fruits and veggies.  You will bite huge chunks of bananas, squish blueberries, shovel broccoli and carrots, and even ate a few pieces of brussell sprouts!  You’re dying to get your hands on tortilla chips, but will have to wait a little while for that.  For now, we have cheese and yogurt on the agenda.  You did have your first taste of meat this month, although by accident. But you’ll get your hands on some chicken soon enough!  You’ll still devour those baby food pouches when given the chance.

Nursing has become a little bit of a challenge for both of us.  I have slowed down on pumping at work, and consequently, my supply has dropped a bit.  Thankfully, I had stockpiled tons of frozen milk, so we should be able to get to your first birthday.  You’re all business with nursing first thing in the morning. Nursing has become more of a comfort at bedtime.  But on weekends when you’re nursing all day (instead of taking a bottle), you get a little frustrated and start to bite… HARD.  A happy mommy that does not make! We’re working through it, and I still enjoy our cuddle time.


Your bites are getting more powerful- especially with that new tooth! You’re getting your upper left lateral incisor, so it looks like you’re a baby vampire! It seems like one of the upper center incisors is going to cut through soon too!

You have a new favorite toy, Dino.  He plays music for you at night (“You are my sunshine”), and you grip him close when you fall asleep.  You also like your dolly, especially because you can twirl her hair.

And speaking of hair…. you’re starting to get a lot of it! It curls a little behind your ears, and wisps around on your neck. We love your bed head in the morning; it’s especially adorable after morning naps with Dad in our bed.  You are also fascinated with hair, specifically pulling it as hard as you can. You’re a tough little baby, and is experimenting with grabbing and pinching.  It’s hard not to give you the reaction you seek (screams), and we’ve been working on telling you no, which you think is just hysterical.  We’re in for it with you!

One day this month, we were playing in your room, and you just picked up and started crawling- just like that! You had been making circular movements on your belly to get where you wanted to go, and that day, something just clicked. Now you tear around the house, following the puppies and Mom and Dad wherever they go.  You’re especially fond of following me to the bathroom door, and then banging and scratching on it.


Everything is a problem for you to solve. You can see your mind working so hard to figure out how to get that, or do this. Just last week you learned to pull yourself up in your crib.  You had done it a handful of times before, but now there is no stopping you. Last Saturday, you perfected it, so we decided to lower your crib to the lowest setting.  The next morning I came into your room to find you standing with your head peaking up over the railing!  You have figured out how to grab the rails, put your feet up against the bars, and lift yourself up.

You are interacting with Luke and Lacey more each day. You smile and laugh when you see them first thing in the morning. Luke lets you crawl all over him, and just lowers his head and closes his eyes to prevent any serious injury.  Lacey wants to be as close to you as possible, and sometimes doesn’t understand why she can’t lie on top of you!

Every morning you have at least a half hour workout in your jumperoo. You go to town in that thing, getting some serious air! Dad is happy that you don’t need the jumperoo music on anymore – it is the definition of an earworm!


Favorite Things: Eating, crawling, Jumping, talking, bath time, other babies, reading books

Least Favorite Things: naps, being overtired, dirty diapers

Stats: (no well baby visit until her 1 year checkup!)
Height – 29 inches?
Weight 22-23 lbs ?
Clothes – solid 12 months, though some of those clothes are getting tight. You’re close to growing out of size 3 diapers!

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