A Busy April

April was great and busy and frustrating and delightful. Did I mention Busy?

Work brought me out to Elmira earlier in the month, so me, my Dad, and Vivian stayed with my grandparents Mema and Pop Pop (GG and Great Pop to Vivian). 

elmira collage 1

Vivian also got up close and personal with their cat Perry.  Mitty (Or Mitty the evil Kitty, as she is known), stayed far away!

As wonderful as it is to see my parents and The Man’s mom with Viv, it is a thousand times more delightful to watch her great-grandparents fawn over her. It is so special to me to see them together, since I have such great memories of my great-grandmothers.

elmira collage 2 IMG_5894 

Later that week, my cousin Betsy (Liz, to some), came to visit with her 10 week old baby Harper! I loved seeing Viv next to her – she was fascinated by this little baby, and laughed at her constantly! It was so awesome to see how much Vivian has grown since last summer, and to know that in a few short months, these two will be playing together at the Lake.

harper collage

Two weekends later, we celebrated my Dad’s Birthday.  Just dinner, cake, and Ice cream at my parent’s house; restaurant dinners are tough with the Vivster.Viv helped my dad blow out the candles, and inspected each and every gift to make sure it was suitable for Pop Pop’s consumption.  Pop Pop (and Luke, as you can see) were very excited about Vivian’s gift! dad bday collage 1

It had been a while since all of us were together, so we made sure to snap some pictures!


The Man, Me, Viv, Mom/MeMe, Uncle Dan, and Dad/Pop Pop


Same as above, with Dan’s squeeze, Sara



Slip in some Jumping, some Crawling, and some Swinging, and you can tell we had a crazy month!

It was a crazy April, and May isn’t looking much less hectic! Wish us luck :)

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