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The Man turned 33 last friday, and to celebrate, we took him to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA! His brother Todd, his wife Michelle, and their daughter Lauren joined us! The timing was especially perfect because the playoffs are happening, and The Man was high off the Bulls’ series 1, game 7 victory over the Nets the night before!

When we arrived, I swooped Viv away to change her into her special outfit.  She was certainly dressed to impress!


When we arrived, they took our picture in front of a green screen.  Not only was it a great picture of all 6 of us, but they had a 2 for deal, so we each got a 4×6!

hall of fame001_WEB

Bob’s two brothers are both Celtics Fans.  Todd was more than excited to pose with the life sized statue of Larry Bird in front of the Celtics display. The Man is a little younger, and came of age during the Bulls glory days, and is a devoted fan. 

  hall of fame 1

Viv had a great time helping her Dad shoot baskets, and even I got in on the Bulls fandom with The Man’s hat.

hall of fame 2

After the Hall of Fame, we went to a nice Italian restaurant for a late lunch.  They didn’t have a high chair, so Miss Viv sat in a booster seat! it made for an interesting lunch!   IMG_3805_WEBAll in all, a GREAT trip, a GREAT Sunday, and a GREAT birthday celebration!  

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