TV Stars!

soooo, my friends Jess and Gavin were on TV last weekend! They were featured on TLC’s My First Home, and had a big screening party at their house!  You may not know this, so sorry for blowing your mind, but SPOILER, reality television isn’t very real!  In fact, they filmed the show last summer, but had purchased the house the year before! The producers did follow some similar story lines, but a lot of details were excluded.

I didn’t have my “real” camera, so sorry for the poor quality. 

tv 2

tv 1 The even better news is that you can watch the episode online!!

my only complaint is that they didn’t ask the Man and I to fake help them move in at the end, since we did actually help them move in!

Related: Realtor Alex was their actual realtor, and is a friend from law school. Lawyer Eric was their actual lawyer*, and is also a friend from law school!




* this isn’t meant to be, but this post could contain attorney advertising, so I’m ethically obligated to inform you that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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