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So I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Disney revamped Merida from BRAVE to be more sultry than how she appeared in the movie.


Showing boob and more shoulders, softening and lengthening her hair, putting her in the very type of Dress Merida hated to wear, and worst of all, robbing her of her bow and arrow!

I was happy to find out that, earlier today, the Disney Princess website replaced the revamped Merida with her original image. But I started looking at the other Princesses on the page– they’ve all be altered to look super sexy and not at all like their movie selves! 

 disney princesses

(screenshot from princess.disney.com)

After Viv went to bed, I did some further research, and saw that every single one of these princesses are revamped and extra sparkly, with fuller hair and exaggerated features.

The pictures on the left are the pictures from the Disney Princess Website; the pictures on the right are pictures of how the Characters appeared in their respective films. (Except for Rapunzel– I messed that one up, and Merida, since that is how the picture came).

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Personally, I think the original pictures are a million times better. In fact, the re-vamped versions look more dainty and more ornate.  Something tells me that Pocahontas wouldn’t be wearing feather earings.  And Belle’s hair tendrils would totally get in the way of her book reading.  What I hate the most is that that they lightened Rapunzel’s hair from a dirty blonde to yellow.  She looks ridiculous!

2 thoughts on “Disney Princesses

  1. I completely agree! It’s hard to raise girls in an environment like this where everything is photoshopped, touched up and perfected. Ella and I had a long talk yesterday about the Brave re-do and she was very upset that DISNEY would do that. We always talk about the appearance of Barbie’s and stuff. I hope she can see past it. Great post!

  2. I think you are getting Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel mixed up. As a HUGE fan of Sleeping Beauty I felt the need to correct you.

    Disney has always been an offender to gender roles and stereotypes, so the “makeovers” don’t really shock me that much. What made Brave’s re-do so offensive is that the character herself would be anti this make-over and it is the antithesis of what the character actually stood for. Sigh.

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