Viv’s 10th month was truly amazing.


She crawls like a champ, pulls herself up, walks around using furniture and our hands.  She is in love with Luke and Lacey and pets them any chance she can.  And now, her “pets” are actually strokes of love rather than the loving hitting she used to do.

She started using words this month (her first word was DOG), and has begun experimenting with new foods.  This month, she had chicken, salmon, turkey, white potatoes, yogurt, cheese, and I’m sure a lot more things I can’t think of.  She has not met a food she doesn’t like.  We started letting her have small snacks, like dried yogurt and baby cheerios.


We also gave in and switched on Disney Junior.  We try to limit it to the morning when she is in her bouncer and we’re getting ready.  She loves her some Mickey Mouse Club and Choo-Choo Soul (with GENEVIEVE!)  My heart actually stops working when I hear The Man whisper “Meeska, Mooska, MICKEEEEEY MOUSE!”  I always thought it sounded silly when parents talked about children shows, but oooh man do I get it!  Now if The Man has the news on in the morning, Viv makes it know that his choice of programming is UNACCEPTABLE!

Viv has gotten more into reading bedtime stories, and currently favors “The Fuzzy Yellow Duckling.”  No clue who wrote it or whether it’s well known, but she’s drawn to the soft, but realistic, illustrations.   I’ve been trying to be super animated while reading, since that keeps her attention a little longer.  She does not stand for longer stories, despite how much I want to read her “Are you my Mother?”.


Spending the day alone with her is quite tiring now.  She is all over the place! You can’t leave her alone for a second or she’ll playing in the dogs water bowl or eating Maple tree “helicopters.”  On the weekends when the Man is at school, we will run errands or walk around the store, just to get out of the house. 

Current Favorite Things: DOG (Luke and Lacey, in particular), FOODS, bouncing, giving hugs, waving bye-bye, dancing, the Disney Channel.

Least Favorite Things: Being physically restricted, not getting what she wants rightthissecond, being put to bed before she is ready

Height and Weight measurements coming next month at her ONE YEAR CHECKUP!



Cooking for a Cause

so, I’m not a fantastic cook.  I get frustrated that I don’t have a ton of counter space, and before a few months ago, we didn’t have a dishwasher. All in all, I need to follow recipes and usually end up having one part of the mail finished long before the rest.

My friend Pitsa, however, is a master chef and hostess. Seriously. this woman can cook and bake and throw a fantastic party.

I happen to work with Pitsa.  We were brainstorming to come up with an annual team-building activity, and when she mentioned an idea her husband had, we knew we had found the right thing.

The Albany Ronald McDonald House is located a few blocks from Albany Medical Center (and a short distance from other area hospitals).  The house (or houses, combined into one) provide accommodations, respite, and relief for families of ill children.   Most nights, families or organizations come to cook dinner for the families staying there.


Pitsa made arrangements a few months ago, and this past Saturday, a handful of my coworkers and I arrived to cook dinner for 25.  Pitsa came up with the menu, which consisted of Chicken Cordon Bleu, Parmesan Crusted Chicken Tenders, Baked Macaroni and Cheese, Rainbow Fruit Kabobs, a Green Salad, and Chocolate Chip cookies.


I took charge of the mac and cheese, and have to admit, it came out pretty good! I may have to modify the recipe to be gluten free.

IMG_4082IMG_4084 IMG_4095

Jon was repeatedly teased about his reluctance to make fruit kabobs, but got the most compliments out of all of us!

IMG_4077 IMG_4091

Ed prepared the chicken tenders, and Pitsa and Matt (the executive chef and sous chef, respectively) prepared the Chicken Cordon Bleu.



But out of everything, I was shocked that we basically had everything done and cooked and ready at 6pm sharp!


The volunteer gave us a tour of the house, which includes 16 rooms (and soon to be over 20 when they expand to the house next door), a basement game room, a medical library, and a toy room with a working Thomas the Tank Engine railroad track.  Oh yeah, and a giant rocking horse and life-sized Ronald McDonald.



It was great to spend time with my coworkers (and friends) out of the office doing something other than grabbing lunch or drinks.  not to mention that I gained a few good meal ideas!




(Of course, we did head to New World Bistro for a fantastic dinner.  I, for one, drank an entire carafe of Diet Pepsi and ate rabbit for the first time.)

IMG_4100 IMG_4118

What we’ve been doing

heeeeeeeeeeeeey there! long time, no chat.  I’m finalizing Vivian’s 11 month post, and it should be up soon.  I think I’m in denial that she’s three weeks from her first birthday. WHATTTT.


so anyway, we’ve been up to a lot lately.  so I’m just going to show you a lot of pictures, cause, isn’t that what we’re all for here anyway?


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