Viv’s 10th month was truly amazing.


She crawls like a champ, pulls herself up, walks around using furniture and our hands.  She is in love with Luke and Lacey and pets them any chance she can.  And now, her “pets” are actually strokes of love rather than the loving hitting she used to do.

She started using words this month (her first word was DOG), and has begun experimenting with new foods.  This month, she had chicken, salmon, turkey, white potatoes, yogurt, cheese, and I’m sure a lot more things I can’t think of.  She has not met a food she doesn’t like.  We started letting her have small snacks, like dried yogurt and baby cheerios.


We also gave in and switched on Disney Junior.  We try to limit it to the morning when she is in her bouncer and we’re getting ready.  She loves her some Mickey Mouse Club and Choo-Choo Soul (with GENEVIEVE!)  My heart actually stops working when I hear The Man whisper “Meeska, Mooska, MICKEEEEEY MOUSE!”  I always thought it sounded silly when parents talked about children shows, but oooh man do I get it!  Now if The Man has the news on in the morning, Viv makes it know that his choice of programming is UNACCEPTABLE!

Viv has gotten more into reading bedtime stories, and currently favors “The Fuzzy Yellow Duckling.”  No clue who wrote it or whether it’s well known, but she’s drawn to the soft, but realistic, illustrations.   I’ve been trying to be super animated while reading, since that keeps her attention a little longer.  She does not stand for longer stories, despite how much I want to read her “Are you my Mother?”.


Spending the day alone with her is quite tiring now.  She is all over the place! You can’t leave her alone for a second or she’ll playing in the dogs water bowl or eating Maple tree “helicopters.”  On the weekends when the Man is at school, we will run errands or walk around the store, just to get out of the house. 

Current Favorite Things: DOG (Luke and Lacey, in particular), FOODS, bouncing, giving hugs, waving bye-bye, dancing, the Disney Channel.

Least Favorite Things: Being physically restricted, not getting what she wants rightthissecond, being put to bed before she is ready

Height and Weight measurements coming next month at her ONE YEAR CHECKUP!



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